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Fediverse, Fediverse, in the cloud

Fediverse, Fediverse, fart is loud.

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This website is powered by fully automated luxury gay space communism.

I just finished my first shift at my new job! Feels good to have income again.

I would be interesteed in your thoughts on something:

Why is unionizing in IT so difficult? What can we do to facilitate it?


So apparently there's a fashy subreddit for magic.

Fucking. Why.

But you know what's weird? People on there act like /r/magictcg is some sort of Leftist hippy dippy commune. It's, ya know. Liberal. Centrist at best.

And they act like there's some sort of conspiracy to bash the fash there. I literally have not seen anything they complain about actually happen.

boomers at this resort bar bitching about soda taxes and talking loudly about pensions like some boomer markov bots

nobody tell masanbol but otters are very cute and good

"I dunno Doc, a sweaty fat guy? Sounds made up."

- me, a sweaty fat guy.

every straight man who's a little too open about how they're a dom looks like a default mii

you're on mastodon. Everybody loves a good opportunity to give up

woah black betty
boat belt wacky
black Betty had a child
a hatchback badly tiled

q: what's the difference between me and eugene mirman?

a: eugene mirman didn't get his name L E G A L L Y C H A N G E D today!!!!!!!!!


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