@velexiraptor if you see blockchain on a product that's finance-related: 90% chance it's a scam
if you see blockchain on a product that has nothing to do with high finance: 100% chance it's as scam

@DialMforMara hey Mara, I told a friend of mine that you're rereading Homestuck because they also read it.

Their literal first question was "Christ on a cross, why?"

I'm not one of those people who hates on Homestucks, but I would like to know what draws you to it.

So Thursday, my buddy Hunter will be running a little one shot for 5e D&D. I've never played a sorcerer before, and I think my chosen spells are pretty awesome.

He's a halfling wild magic sorcerer named Sam Cherrycheeks. He's a librarian by trade, and a survivor of a brutal war in his homeland when he was a child. He knows where to find all the juicy information! Fun spells include Haste, Invisibility and Dragon's Breath, for fun times with Twinned Spell.

@snakeboy Dad bod is the only attractive bod. There's dad bod, and then there's muscle dudes. The muscle dudes are less attractive because they remind me of my dad who was a bodybuilder in the 80s and also just so happens to be gay.

lotta unresolved sexual tension between me and the night sky

what have I gotten myself into?

My buddy called it "Dwarf Fortress 40K."

I heard someone for whom English was a second language say something was "freshing me out" when they meant something was refreshing and relaxing. This should totally be a phrase.

Hoping the 2020s will be know historically as "the Boring Twenties" we've had enough news, let's chill.

I got the horses in the back. Horses in the front. Horses on the side. I'm surrounded by horses.

Beware of atheists like me caroling at your Christmas events! If you hear me singing it means you're gonna go to hell. I don't make the rules.

wikipedia is asking for donations today, or at least they are in canada, and i have like no money but i still donated what i could and you should too

Us pol 

Bring a breaded chicken cutlet into the acropolis and present the Platonic Calzone.

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