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Fediverse, Fediverse, fart is loud.

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This website is powered by fully automated luxury gay space communism.

A heads up:

There have been reports of phishing attempts made by scammers who copy the profiles of admins of different instances. (Sources:, Possibly NSFW links)

Please be mindful, and don't be afraid to report someone if you suspect a phishing attempt so your mods can deal with them.

We will never ask for sensitive information regarding your account (ie. passwords) over DM.

#Housekeeping #MastoAdmin

ICE raids in NYC, please boost Show more

ICE targeted residents in Sunset Park and Harlem today—but were rejected at the door because they didn’t have warrants. Don’t make it easy for them, and give yourselves and your loved ones as much time as possible—know your rights.

List of kiwi farm instances Show more

a take on deplatforming nazis Show more

Saw someone doing fundraising for "Bloom: a place for girls."

Said it was "Christian faith based." Didn't see anything saying they were trans-positive. Anyone know if there's anything to contradict my findings?

So one of the (middle-aged straight cis white male) guys who founded Wikipedia is now starting a Wikipedia competitor and let me tell you, Everipedia is a Quality Website.

(These screenshots were taken after the page claimed it had fully loaded, with adblocker off. I waited 60 seconds before taking them.)

Read the synopsis. Yeah that's about what I thought it was going to be, a MPDG story.

I've never seen this show "Once." Apparently it's based on a movie. Is it any good?

Techbros: non-accessible software is still Free Software I don’t give a fuck
Techbros: what, an application is blocking nazis? This is a threat to software freedom!!!

Racism, Islamophobia mention Show more

Just went on #tusky page on Google's playstore and downvoted and flagged 1 star reviews criticizing the developer's stance on blocking gab and other alt-right instances. I recommend every Tusky user (and others if you guys could) to do the same.

Nazis, alt-righters, white supremacists and sexists must never be welcome.

Censorship on the Fediverse: You Are Upset Someone Blocked Your Fascist Ass

Some of the neural net teas now exist as Adagio Teas blends! Impressed at how Patricia managed to put together a plausible "Slippery Violet Sands" and a "Winter Snail Glitter Bomb"

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