On this Nakba Day, an offering: pick up copy of Palestine + 100 by Comma Press.

It's a collection of speculative fiction by Palestinians. The premise of the collection is simple: It's 100 years after the Nakba, the beginning of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

racialized violence 

This is how Twitter reported the police beating pallbearers with clubs.

I made my own Procreate brush! I think it's already making an improvement. What do you think?

mlm: the default brushes.
wlw: the new brush.

I guess I have a coping mechanism for panic attack days: I make tender Queer art.

In this case, fan art.

Another panic attack today. It really does seem like things go pear shaped around the same time. :/

Awful day, but I still made art out of pure spite (and mlm tenderness). I've been working on drawing, more than painting, since my lines need the practice.

Reference by Felix d'Eon.

An update on the anhedonia thing. I did manage to just keep doing the thing. I'm quite pleased that I didn't give up on making art today, since it's a big part of my recovery/management. I know it's a matter of waiting out the aftershocks of the panic attack.

That can sometimes take a week, but I have meds I can take. Today's sketches: a figure study, and a style study.

Another Sam Rodriguez style study sketch, using Adorkastock's reference pic cards (which just came today!).

More Tissot paintings, and experimenting w/ CWs 

Another one from Ayn Karim (you can see why I'm biased toward these in particular :D ). This time it's The Visitation.

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A Thread about threads, along w/ James Tissot paintings of Palestinian models. 

My favourite is first. This is a painting of the Virgin Mary in the traditional clothes of my family's village!

They were from Ayn Karim which is noteworthy as the birthplace of John the Baptist, and the location of the Magnificat.

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The story behind this illustration is a subplot of the novel Tian Guan Ci Fu (Heaven Official's Blessing) by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu.

I wanted to show how the love interest struggled, as many artists do, with getting a likeness---especially from memory---of his beloved. It's a mlm romance (danmei).

If you want more queerplatonic SFF inspired by Palestinian folklore, I have a story out in the wonderful collection Xenocultivars: Stories of Queer Growth.


'Muneera and the Moon' is my sapphic, asexual love story inspired by Palestinian folklore, particularly folk religion and djinn!

I've also been illustrating it myself! :D


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