I think I had my first brush with Israel's troll farm on Twitter today. I can't be sure, but it's really sus.

I received a strange comment on a post I made which was a sort of art critique of a 40+ yr old Palestinian poster with some interesting elements and iconography.

On a hunch, I investigated the account and it just got more and more sus.

Anyway, prob a bot. Very strange experience, tho.


The profile and account seemed to really push the idea that they were a minor, and only on Twitter for fandom- in particular musicians. It was sus just *how* much this image was reinforced, like it was deliberate.

Digging into their followed account, there were a million celebrities, and then... dozens of "White and proud" ppl, fake gays and BIPOC propaganda accounts.



Hundreds of followers in, up crop the accounts openly calling for genocide against Palestinians (one referencing the Bible in their profile and calling wiping us out a "mitzva."

I blocked them, but... Yeah... incredibly sus.


@SoniaSulaiman what was their account name? (If you recall it) I'd be interested to see one for myself
Also what are fake gays and BIPOC propaganda accounts?



I didn't note the name, sorry.

And what I mean by that is they set up profiles that suggest they are gay, for example, or Palestinian. And then the content of their posts are homophobic, or calling for violence against Palestinians. Simply, they're fake and used for propaganda.

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