Hello, fellow tooters! I'm a first reader at Strange Horizons, formerly of Augur, and Uncanny Magazine.

I write speculative fiction inspired by Palestinian folklore. Mostly short fic, but I'm working on a novella atm.

I'll be slowly rebuilding my archive of posts about Palestinian folklore here.

Come on by and say hi!

@SoniaSulaiman Hi! Palestinian folklore sounds WICKED COOL. I vote yes on that!

@sebastianmalloy Thanks. I had a whole folktale posted over here on my old server, and forgot to get the archive when I hopped over here.


@moopet It's going to take awhile. :D I have been sharing folklore and tales on Twitter every week on and off for a few years now.

@SoniaSulaiman i know nothing about Palestinian folklore. That sounds fascinating!

@stelpavlou If you don't mind going over to that other app, I have a mega thread of my posts there over a number of years:

@SoniaSulaiman Hi! Palestinian folklore sounds so interesting, I'm glad you're here :)

@SoniaSulaiman The work sounds very fascinating! I'll be following you!

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