@deneb @Pixley peaches updates are a gigantic contribution you bring into my life!!!

Portuguese language question, pronouns 

The Witness "end" feels, caps 

@Nezchan Elena Ferrante. They are four books that follow a pair of friends mostly from one of them's perspective through the 1950s to 90s in and around Naples. The first book is called "My Brilliant Friend"!

@wobin I knew they were delicious together but not the why! Awesome!

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i have the day off work today and it’s sweltering out there so i’m settling in with a cross stitch and trying out a new fictional podcast series called The Last Movie. i’ve listened to the other 3 made by the same people (The Black Tapes, Tanis, and Rabbits), which i love, so I’m sure this one will be great too.

@Nezchan this reminds me of the Neapolitan books. The female friendship at the core of the story ended up not being central in the way I expected; a very distant friendship, but where I understood, or maybe recognized, the relationship between the two women. Maybe you'd like it :)

@TQ okay I absolutely love this look, which is amazing since I don't think I like the lipstick itself very much! This is a compliment, I hope I don't sound like an idiot 😅

@deneb once again fluffers never leaving his post, I hope he got a raise!! 🤩

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If only the people of Troy had looked that gift horse in the mouth.

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Lino cutting 

@Pixley do they even have eyes? You will never know!


@hafnia when we had two kittens over one of them tried escaping and ran into our bedroom, which was off limits. We built up the elborate scenario where this kitten was a two-roomer and tried to convince the other, an obvious one-roomer, consistently debunked her theories. Quarantine is going fine!!!!!!!


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