Flan was just taken to her furr-ever family! She slept a lovely nap on my lap and licked my nose and I will miss her so much 😿 I do have some scratches along my arms and legs to remember her by... 😅

Food, vegetarian 

Food, vegetarian 

Food, vegetarian 

Thank you so much @Louisa !!! I am keeping holiday decorations one day longer to have this beauty out a little longer 😁

Flan (name pending) learned she can hide behind pillows, she is a hunter, we will never find her,

OK! After tiny kittens we are now hosting Emma, and Emma is a big girl!! I forgot cats could be not tiny 😻

Oh geez this baby is an actual smelly cat but! Look at her face!!

She hasn't grown much in the month she's with us so the pros are convinced she will always be tiny, a pocket cat if you will 😻 she will be going to her furever home this Saturday and we will be catless for a little while!

I guess no crochet for me today. But hey!! Kitten is feeling way better!

This absolute cuddle monster will be adopted this Saturday and it is so difficult to let him go 😭 I cried a little and he sat on my lap and cuddled and purred, he is so sweet!!!! But I know it's for the best and all, and I am happy he got to grow a little more confident with us over the last week.

We will be hosting two little ones soon after so hopefully the holes in our hearts will be filled quickly.

So we were exploring the sofa, and then got very tired

We have a kitten! He is the cutest, spent a solid hour under the couch and now meows loudly whenever we are not around him :D

Food, pastry 


Hey, my island is open for dreams. (This concept still confuses me slightly but whatever) Feel free to drop by, but keep in mind my island is super basic so don't expect essentially anything

ACNH, colonialism mention 

Am super proud of my Hokkaido milk bread's look! Fingers crossed for me to be proud of the taste & texture as well!

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