Kittens are behaving weirdly.

So when they let us pet them, they purr. Thing is, when her brother starts purring, Bia wakes up and starts opening her mouth (it looks like a meow, but no sound) and very frantically walking around us, trying to squeeze behind my back as is she is looking for something, sniffing my face (she pulls back when we approach he normally, no sniffs then).

We looked it up a little and saw that mum cats purr to guide their blind, baby kittens. Could she be stressed out because hearing a purr makes her think her mum is somewhere around? What should we do?

@Sissas Hold her if she’ll let you and pet/console her.

@deneb I will try! I never know how much I should push their boundaries, but that is probably a good time to do it!

@Sissas Honestly, you want to gently handle them as much as is possible.

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