We spent two days barricading the sofa, so that the kittens could leave their enclosure and explore the living room without inevitably hiding under it. Multiple times I was the guy in the heist movie that says "but...how?? It is impregnable!!" while looking at the cats solidly parked under it.

I think this is it though. They didn't find a way in yet. So now they sleep in their little box, and when thag happend we can pet them and consistently get some purrs!!


Update they got under the sofa. But NOW! It really is!!! Impregnable!!!!!!

Yeaaah this morning they were hiding inside a cabinet. They found a way in through the back.

You know what this means though, right?

Under the sofa IS impregnable!!!

@Sissas Never underestimate kittens! They want under that sofa? They go under the sofa, and if they have to make use of quantum tunneling :)

@draco it is nuts how creative they get! I am not even trying to block the entrances, I am just throwing junk under the sofa so that there is no space there at all. And yet I am sure tomorrow morning they will somehow have found themsleves there!

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