hi everyone! I am a she/her interested in way too many things, but not great at many (which I am very comfortable with 😁): drawing, knitting, video and board games, dungeon mastering, machine learning. I also enjoy reading and watching movies and TV, and am actually pretty good at those 😅 looking forward to getting to know everyone!

@Sissas hello!! I overlap with many of those interests, often simultaneously!

@janellecshane aaaah!! This is so cool! I love your blog, you do great stuff! I loved the generated knitting patterns but mostly all the stuff I learned reading it 😁 so thanks for that! And for the welcome 😄

@Sissas nice to meet you!! Read any good science fiction lately?

@janellecshane actually no; have been going through Sapolsky's Behave, which is great but oh sooo long. Am actually looking forward for some fiction once it's over, any recommendations?

@Sissas I have been incessantly recommending Martha Wells’s Murderbot novellas (1st is All Systems Red) and The Raven Tower by Ann Leckie. Both have unusual narrators with unusual types of power.

@Sissas hi and welcome! I'm a GM too, and *can* knit but usually my hands are busy writing.

@irina thank you! Ooh nice, what do you normally write?

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