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hi everyone! I am a she/her interested in way too many things, but not great at many (which I am very comfortable with 😁): drawing, knitting, video and board games, dungeon mastering, machine learning. I also enjoy reading and watching movies and TV, and am actually pretty good at those 😅 looking forward to getting to know everyone!

Impulse shopping, consumerism apologia 

Omg I've bought so many nail polish bottles over the last 4 months. It's a little absurd. But in my defense nail polish technology has come a long way, the few bottles I had just don't cut it anymore!!

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canpol, qcpol, pol, ukpol, uspol, shitpostpol 

my electoral priorities are to have a climate that isn’t trying to murder me, to lift up human beings loving themselves & others, & to support real actual labourers doing real actual work, & somehow this is still the underdog option vs. licking rich people’s boots.

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Philip K. Dick, on his reaction the first time (during the casting process for BLADE RUNNER) he ever saw a photograph of Sean Young.

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Crying over archaeology again

When this child was hurt, people came together to help them. They were helped medically and they were given support and care while they healed and afterwards and they made it to adulthood. People like to say it's just human nature to be shitty to each other but it's also human nature to care for the members of your community who need help.

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Me: oh cool, a hackathon where we get city data. Wouldn't it be cool to explore air pollution data, parking, public transit, parks and trees? Yeah I'll sign up!

Hackathon: cool, welcome! The theme for this edition is: how do we optimize stuff for tourists in order to increase profit?


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i love how efficiently capitalism distributes resources

COVID vax 

So only people over 60 or that are part of a high risk group get boosted this fall.


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criticism, about "ban cars" shitposts and disability whataboutism 

I probably shouldn't have written the toot at all because I don't want to snark at like disabled people who need to vent too.

the thing is just that disabled people and people who are against a car-centric system are artificially placed into two separate groups (which they really are not) and then pitched against each other and it's frustrating to observe this pattern.

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subtooty, about "ban cars" shitposts and disability whataboutism 

each time there is a "no cars" shitposts there will SURE be a reply of "what about disabled people"

do it with sincere posts, will you please, yes? leave the shitposts against cars alone, the need to vent is real, and yes, shitposting against cars doesn't mean that anyone wants to take the car from the single parent nurse, the disabled city dweller or the homeless person living in their car, alright?

all cars are bullshit

I have a job interview this afternoon that includes a live coding section ☠️

People who recount the entire book's plot in their reviews: please don't!!

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I don't do a lot of promotion, but y'all might be interested to know that INPRNT has free worldwide shipping today only!

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I understand that the weather was too hot a few weeks ago but you have to admit it's unfair that it's never been sunny since I started wearing my new holographic nail polish

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Albert Einstein, famous for queering the space/time binary,,,

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I don't know much about Mirko Hanak, a Czech man who painted in a very Chinese brushwork-inspired watercolour style. Gorgeous animal paintings, though! :da_love: I can't get over his brushwork!


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A little social tip from Emi 

Venting out your feelings is good, but please ask the other person before doing it! If they know that's what you're doing, they're much more likely to just listen quietly instead of trying to respond and give their opinion

Plus, you're giving them a chance to say it if they don't feel like they can handle someone else's emotional issues at the moment. You definitely don't want to do it umprompted if they can't

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From Ursula K. Le Guin:

“For we each of us deserve everything, every luxury that was ever piled in the tombs of the dead kings, and we each of us deserve nothing, not a mouthful of bread in hunger. Have we not eaten while another starved? Will you punish us for that? Will you reward us for the virtue of starving while others ate? No man earns punishment, no man earns reward. Free your mind of the idea of deserving, the idea of earning, and you will begin to be able to think.”

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