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hi everyone! I am a she/her interested in way too many things, but not great at many (which I am very comfortable with 😁): drawing, knitting, video and board games, dungeon mastering, machine learning. I also enjoy reading and watching movies and TV, and am actually pretty good at those 😅 looking forward to getting to know everyone!

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Fluffers can have a little supper, as a treat.

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Food, meat 

Lol so Figo is meowing and yelping outside the room where I'm quarantining. 😍 he loves me so much, he's so sad I'm away from him, etc. I put on my mask, open the door and he runs straight to my bowl of chicken soup 🤣

Personal COVID status 

I took acetaminophen in the morning for my fever, which hasn't come back. It gave me some persistent nausea but nothing that stops me from eating. It's been a strange day; I read like 20 pages, feel sleepy, close my eyes for half an hour, rinse and repeat!

Personal COVID status update 

It's strange, I had about the same fever peaks tonight as the night before but didn't feel as bad 🤔 was able to get up, drink water, get a wet cloth on my forehead, the works! Taking this as a step in the positive direction.

Still, looking at another day in my lil quarantine room. I decided to pick up Murder at the Vicarage, the first Miss Marple book, and am honestly having fun reading it 😄

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-Al fascismo se le combate!
-Estoy de acuerdo pero en Twitter y en Facebook no combates nada de nada, amplificas su discurso debido a su algoritmo. Llevas haciéndolo desde hace 4 años y no ha funcionado. Mira Alemania y su cordón sanitario.... ¿Quieres luchar contra el fascismo? Milita, sindicate, participa en tu asociación vecinal, ve a manifestaciones... En redes sociales no combates nada. Sólo te ganas una úlcera.

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An old man just called me "kiddo" and then immediately apologized for calling me kiddo and i was like, "sir no offense taken, I would rather be kiddoed than ma'amed"

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#2623 Goofs 

The film is set in 2018, but when Commander Bremberly chases the hologram through Times Square, there's a billboard for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Depending on the date, that billboard would have been advertising either Infinity War or this movie.

Personal covid update 

My brain may have melt a little. Either that or this is the hardest picross puzzle known to humankind

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Personal covid update 

Booo this fever did _not_ want to break. I had noticed that when I hike or workout I have a really hard time cooling off without assistance 🤔 so maybe I'm just.. not good at it? Anyway I'm down to just below "fever" numbers. Hopefully my brain won't melt!

Personal COVID update, family 

The fever was back but is manageable. My mum is driving me up the wall, already suggesting mirabolous plans to come over and take holidays and leaving me a car and x, y, z. And while I get that she wants to take care of me, I don't enjoy _at all_ the implication that I need her to do so or that it's her who makes these decisions. I reply to her (granted, not in a nice way) that I don't need anything, she basically pouts and replies back in a super rude way. 😮‍💨

I am livid. My partner has emojis that I don't have. This is it, this is what will make me install a custom rom

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nice cat portrait 

Mr. Temba Catface, looking good

Personal COVID status update 

Had a bit of a fever but feel way better now. I'm not sure how to explain it but there's always a certain point when I run a fever where I feel like I need a warm shower, and then the shower basically sets me right as rain for a few hours. I have an appetite, headache is gone and getting rid of the icky-feel you get when sick energizes me, it's bliss

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can someone please find a way host this on a fedi instance?????? i am begging you

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I absolutely LOVE this Brian Eno quote a friend posted on FB

Covid - 

Turns out it was not the weather, I just tested positive for COVID! I'm guessing it was either at the office or at the pub, although at the pub we sat outside and wore masks whenever inside or close to other people. Much more likely it was at the office, when I spent the day with unmasked later-verified-as-positive people in a non-ventilated room 🙄

Figo just ran all the way across the apartment, meowing, until he reached the scratching pole, which he "viciously" (cutely) scratched. I'm howling

Health? Weather? - 

Today was rough. I felt really sick, shortness of breath and oscillated between cold and warm. I don't have a fever and suspect it was just the stormy, oppressive weather we had today. But boy-oh-boy did this knock me out 😱

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