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Scott Roche - author

What's the emotionally hardest thing you've ever written for fiction?

Some new deskoration!

From the maker, Andrea Trask:
(Don't forget to tell people that I have a shopwide 25% off sale going on right now at - but if they convo me first to tell me you sent 'em, I'll discount them a little extra. Even more for orders over $100.)

Body Horror Show more

I wanted to write something this morning. This is part of what came out. mild violence Show more

Who ordered the HOT FUNK? American Woman with Lenny Kravitz and Prince

I'd tell you a UDP joke, but you may not get it.

I love Skallgrim's youtube channel as a writer who occasionally needs to know about sharp things and how they would work. "Fabric Armor Tested - AKA: Why Dull Swords Fail"

Today’s whiteboard inspiration. Take charge but know your limits.

New public update on my Patreon! Alpha Gods: Revelation #3 out now! Back me for weekly flash fiction, and updates on my various graphic novel projects.

Thanks, Groupon, but I don't need "Colon Hydrotherapy". Isn't that just an enema?

This may the best phrase I've read in a while. "A layer of gormless artifice..." from "LET’S SCARE JENN TO DEATH: THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE (1974)"