What's the most challenging thing you've ever created?

A writing friend of mine has a sale going on! Not quite 30 hours left in your opportunity to grab Dancing With Calamity for $.99! amazon.com/dp/B07F46Z96K

I'm a white man looking in a black man's eyes
Wishing I'd never been one of the guys
Who pretended not to hear another white man's joke
Oh, the times ain't forgotten

If Slenderman and Max Headroom had a baby it would look like Rick Scott.

the technical term for doghouse designer is barkhitect

"Your project has been marked complete. It is now being prepped for sale." Looking forward to hearing the finished product!

I can't hear Thunderstruck without thinking of Gollum.

Become my patron and you get to see what I'm working on. Soon and very soon that will include content voiced by Veronica Giguere​ and Dave Robison​. Exorcism - Work In Progress patreon.com/posts/exorcism-wor

I lightly scratched at the inside of my thigh through my leggings. “How will I know if you’re interested?”

The stuttering, exhale made the hair on the base of my neck rise. “You’ll know.”

What's the best advice you've been given that affected your life?

Things that make me feel good:

Did you like the Story?
Oh yeah. From the hook (The smell of onions and unwashed manhood) to the end, I was indeed sucked in. Now I’ve said this a few times, and shall again, for the record I’m not a fan of erotica, I love reading about the pursuit of such an ending, but I don’t really like reading about the encounters. That said, Sorcha wrote something so beautiful and so well put together, that I have no complaints about this story at all. It’s gorgeous.

I have a story in Apex Magazine that is available to read online today, if you’re interested in stories about the sea giving and taking away:

I think ine of my favorite series has to be the Dresden Files and then the Tanyth Fairport Adventures by Nathan Lowell

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