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Scott Roche - author

What are you reading right now that's SUPER AWESOME?

I ordered my first pair of progressive lenses. Don't worry, they aren't like rose-colored glasses for liberals.

WE WANT TO PAY YOU FOR MICRO SCI-FI! This is an open call for diverse sci-fi writers that never expires.
- Indigenous
- Neurodiverse
- Disabled
- Chronically ill
- All marginalised voices
We're open from Day 10-24 every month.

Rob Zombie is to horror movies what ___________ is to books. Please fill in the blank.

ME "All in the Reflexes" podcast with Madison Metricula Roberts et al.

"Is that classical music?"

"Yes, doctor, it would seem to be."

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MAN I got some good comments from my beta readers on the Esho St. Claire novel.

Are there any "will they/won't they" couples that did and it worked out for the story?

What’s the last book (not movie or tv show) you read with a female or non-white protagonist? Bonus points if they were both.

Link me to your podcast. (Yes, even if I know about it.)

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