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“Last Gods” by Sam J. Miller is an extreme story in a frostpunk universe. It's not a tame story. It draws heavily on postapocalyptic tropes, but if you are fine with that, the disabled protagonist and the specifics of the worldbuilding are special and make this worth a read.

What's you favorite/least favorite trope/trend in a genre you write?

Can't wait to crack open the latest Tim Niederriter. He's got a new story out!

YOU GUYS! The first episode of is now LIVE and FREE!! Looking for a little summer mystery? @Gwenda, @carrieryan, and @rachelcaine have teamed up with @serialboxpub to give it to you!!

"Oh you like reading genre fiction? Let me tell you about the latest Sanderson that I've been reading! Have you read Game of Thrones? Oh I love Asimov! You *have* to give Rothfuss a try. Omg I loved Dune/Enders Game/The Culture--"

They're all good books.

But what I wouldn't give for someone to find out I like reading genre fiction and start yelling about about Ann Leckie, Ursula K. LeGuin, C.J. Cherryh, Jacqueline Carey, N.K. Jemisin, Charlie Jane Anders, Nicola Griffith... the list goes on.

Remember Captain Power? What other entertainment efforts were ahead of their time?

From birbsite:

Have you ever considered using characters in one of your stories who are physically challenged (ie: handicapped)?

If you did, do you think that would open your genre up for a population usually unrepresented?

@ScottRoche Of late, when a work of art adds something to my life, I try not to keep my enjoyment to myself anymore —especially when that art comes from an independent voice.

I've dropped the price on the Esho St. Claire novelettes to $1.99. A great deal for just two bucks!

Why does Amazon take so loooooooong just to process a price change?

There’s a lot I liked about the short story “Fetch”, by @ScottRoche, besides all the #Buffy and #Exorcist-style spookiness. It features an #atheist and a #theist who —get this— are actually able to work together. In fact, they manage to enjoy a very warm, affectionate, mature male friendship in the middle of all the #horror. Plus, this feels like it could be the opening chapter of a larger work...

Like steamy stories? I have a friend who's getting her erotica site up and needs some readers!

Just finished the rough draft of a short story. It's been A WHILE since that happened. Also it's creepy and I hope it will be good enough.

That feeling when some interesting plot points fall into place in your head.

Questions authors love (or at least I love)

"So, if I want to make sure you get to keep the most money from your eBook sales, where should I shop for them?"

Calamity Jane has one last chance to pay off her debt. Her mechanical arm is no substitute for the flesh and blood one she was born with, but she can't afford to lose it to her creditor. She must travel to Rapids City and recruit a beautiful dancer for Madame Shine's brothel. She doesn't count on falling in love with the woman at first sight.

You ever write a character you are going to ENJOY killing in a very weird, surreal, and painful way? My life. Just now.