@twotone yeah the second pic is also very adorable for sure

@twotone both v cute! I would probably go with the first, having a person in the shot seems odd for a calendar to me

@Leaf mh yeah thats definitely unusual for speculative fiction

@Leaf thats interesting bc i’m pretty sure fanfic actually switched away from first person before tradpub did, originally (not completely sure but)

@Leaf stuff thats traditionally/self published vs stuff that people are sharing in writing communities online

@Leaf original fic as in fiction or as in origfic

@Leaf interesting

I havent, but I also havent read much by way of new fic / new authors recently

@Leaf i like that fandom thought that farfetched was so weird they made up a whole fake myth for it to be based on

@Leaf ah ok

I mean, I am more familiar with deck-building games meta than video gamez meta but isnt not having everything be the same part of what makes competitive meta fun

@Leaf is someone actually mad about IVs or are you just referencing IVs while metaing about something I’m not aware of

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