Credit where due, discords AKA feature is one of the cleanest ways I've seen of handling identity across communities

Like, it gives me a clean list of all the identities for that person I do know without revealing any identities they may have that I *dont* know (this part is where Ao3 fails with pseuds btw) and it does it all in a completely value neutral way

Continuing my review of semi-obscure discord features: Discord’s mutual servers feature is mostly just like, a handy way to go ‘oh i know that name’

But it does occasionally give you weird semi-omniscient vibes if you’re not careful lol


If you have a server with very focussed topics for each server, prefacing searches with in:relevant-channel-name is very helpful for making discords fuzzy search less terrible

Also ‘in:channel-name has:link archive’ will turn up everyones ao3 recs if you just happen to need to compile a list of those

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