I really appreciate that I have Never had a single student who didn't appreciate libraries.
Now, they may not have gone to the library physically, but they all used their resources and they all appreciated them in principle.

Libraries are the best.

@Cyborgneticz sometimes i think about how crazy it’d be to invent the library if it didn’t already exist. Like, can you imagine trying to explain that?

@Satsuma I have no idea. I still don't even know really how to explain the wealth of resources libraries have sometimes. They have access to So much it is remarkable.

@Satsuma So some of my family live in a small town with a very very small library. Even that library, amazing. They will do so much to make sure that they meet the community's needs. Beautiful.

@Cyborgneticz yeah it always amazes me how much care librarians put into not just having services but having the *right* services for each communities situation

@Satsuma Really some of the most important people in any community. I think it is remarkable that I've never heard Anyone say something bad about librarians. Even the most conservative folks I've known still like them.

@Cyborgneticz yeah they seem to get exempted from most of the anti poor people/anti welfare rhetoric, i think bc books are seen as ‘intellectual’ or whatever

Which is fortunate bc we can sneak a lotta stuff in sideways thru libraries that couldnt ever get funded directly

@Satsuma Yah, and they provide direct services that do fit in with the "help people improve themselves" that helps counter any critique.
Like okay poor people are at libraries But libraries help train people for jobs, connect them to GED programs, do taxes, etc etc etc.

Omg yes. Our system does just such an absurd amount of programs that would be incredibly expensive on their own.

@Cyborgneticz yeah but theoretically that should apply to other types of job programs/adult education but programs for offering those for free are the *worst* according to most republicans (and many centrists as well). So i think libraries do have some of their own unique magic haha

@Cyborgneticz i read a great commentary awhile back about how the vocational nature of the profession, combined with this type of scope creep from the obligation to offer services a community needs but cant/wont fund results in really horrific burnout

So while what libraries do is incredibly impressive, i would prefer they either got more money to have more specialized positions for programs or we actually were willing to fund some of this stuff directly

@Satsuma That makes a Lot of sense to me. I got burnt out from higher ed after just a year because of those things, and we know that is why a lot of teachers get burnt out (although teachers are leeches on the system and terrible and are basically monsters apparently).
I would Love for my taxes to be higher to fund libraries


@Cyborgneticz yeah i’d happily pay extra to just let librarians do whatever the hell they want

(And even more happily make the rich pay for it by closing tax loopholes hahaha)

@Cyborgneticz @Satsuma at what age is it too late to study to become a librarian? 🤔

@maloki @Satsuma no age! A MLS takes what two three years? Difficult for sure but very possible

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