So today in fandom drama, someone's finally weaponized malicious tagging

This article underemphasizes exactly how bad stww was — people were reporting it was *crashing their browser* when it came up in search

But they’re 100% right about the hypocrisy of all this stuff marginalized fans have been fighting for for years suddenly being popular bc its affecting white fans now too

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@Satsuma … why would it crash browsers? It’s all rendered server-side?

The only (?) thing I can imagine it might do to cause a browser crash is if people are running third-party JavaScript based tag blockers, but that’s… kind of not the AO3’s fault?


@alis it hasn’t happened to me—i stay out of the tags as a matter of course anyway—so i can’t tell you exactly what the issue was, but it was mostly people with older phones (so, much less likely to be running browser extensions) who were complaining

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