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boost from birdsite, nitter link, question about jobseeking experiences 

boosting Christie Ghouler

Those of you who have taken automated technical assessments as part of hiring: Which platforms have you been asked to use and what was your experience like? I'm particularly interested to hear from neurodivergent / disabled folks.

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boosting @`mmillions :

The @`OpenSourceOrg
is looking for a part-time sustainability coordinator. Best part? Working with @`baconandcoconut

boost from birdsite, melancholy and Christmas songs 

boosting Sarah Mackey
@`sarahjanet :

OKAY, 2020 is *bullshit*, I have a CHRISTMAS-RELATED ANNOUNCEMENT.

We are going ALL IN on the MUDDLE THROUGH SOMEHOW version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas this year. GTFO with your bullshit highest bough. IF EVER THERE WAS A YEAR FOR MUDDLING. Tell your friends.

boost from birdsite, bike safety 



Retweet if you got hit by a car.

Like if drivers threatened to kill you.

boost from birdsite, psychology and education 

boosting @`pbkalra

Phone numbers were such a handy example to use to introduce working memory (span, chunking, rehearsal). But not sure undergrads will find it relevant. What do you use? Or do they still "get it" even though they've never had to rehearse a # while walking from phonebook to phone?

boost from birdsite, GMail 

boosting @`jwbrockman

Hey did you know Gmail actually has a storage limit and stops working when you hit it unless you delete stuff or pay them? Because I know that now.

boost from birdsite, starchy food 

boosting @`jwbrockman

A place near me makes a spaghetti calzone, in case you need bread on top as well as bread underneath your spaghetti. Tried it once, regrettably pretty good.

boost from birdsite, narcissism assessment 


@`jwbrockman Replying to
@`AITA_reddit :

Really impressive to be able to tell an entire story from your own side, exactly the way you want to frame it, and still everyone can figure out you’re the asshole

boost from birdsite, research and scholarship access 


Who has online access to OUP (and wants to help me out)?

boost from birdsite, HCI, music theory, lisp, nitter link to thread 

boosting @mala from birdsite

do you know lisp and music theory and maybe have a soupçon of weirdo computer-human-interaction chops? i have a question!

boost from birdsite, alternatives to Slack 


Hey if you’re defaulting to creating a new community on slack in 2020, I, a person who makes their living doing community consulting, will give you an entirely free consultation to weigh up the pros and cons and possibly find a better option for what you’re after

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boosting Announcing Mermaids Monthly! by @`omgjulia

boost from birdsite, speculative fiction, giveaway 

boosting Candlemark & Gleam

Giveaway: Leonard Richardson's Situation Normal, Nov 16 to Dec 13, w/ linked companion story Four Kinds of Cargo!
A satirical yet deeply poignant mil space opera, SN got high praise from & @`ALA_Booklist
. Launches Dec 14! #sciencefiction @leonardr

boost from birdsite, covid, digital literacy, sad 

boosting thread

I got pulled up by my direct manager yesterday for contravening some of our COVID safety rules. I fully admit that I did do that and will probably continue to do it every now and again because the specific rule is, quite frankly, inhumane.

boost from birdsite, covid, help, NYC 

boosting Mark D. Levine

An incredibly important tool in our fight against covid that too few NYers know about:

==> NYC will provide a free hotel room for those who test positive and need to isolate safely from other members of their household. Food, Rx, etc provided.


boost from birdsite, covid, sad 

Content note: COVID, heartbreaking.


It's looking like we've turned the corner at my house, so I'm going to tell you a story about love and a pandemic. It starts two weeks ago Monday. I taught class that morning, but by lunch I knew something was up. By afternoon, I knew I was sick.

boost from birdsite, Signal 


We don't know much about you (by design!), so UX research is essential to improve Signal for everyone. Learn more about our first user survey here:

boost from birdsite, tech hiring 

boosting Luis Villa from Tidelift saying

I’m hiring at @`tidelift! My team, Lifter Engagement and Success, has two fun roles open.

The first is devrel, with a twist—talk to devs about how they can get paid to work on the FOSS they’re already writing:

boost from birdsite, speculative fiction 

boosting @`singlecrow

You know what I want? More happy Star-Trek-ish space opera. enough w/ the ~gritty critique of IDEALISM~ why can't we have good people doing their best in space.

boost from birdsite, US jurisprudence 


i think in some ways the purported goal of what originalism and textualism are *trying* to do makes sense. but the fundamental problem with both as actually practiced is that they ask judges to be amateur historians and linguists without any training in either discipline.

boost from birdsite, covid & "normalcy" 

boosting @`JuliaLMarcus in the conversation

To me, "normal" feels like a code word for joy, pleasure, ease, social connection. We should be helping people find those things now, not telling them they'll never have them again.

boost from birdsite, I was on a podcast 

boosting @`realpython

The Real Python Podcast (Episode 29) — Resolving Package Dependencies With the New Version of Pip

This week on the show, we have @`georgiamoon and @`brainwane, who have been working on the recent releases of pip.

boost from birdsite, I was on a podcast 

boosting @`timothep
Listen to #DevJourney Episode #120 with @brainwane. Sumana told us about her parents, computer- & social-sciences, the "no big deal theory", luck, OSS, studies, & the very unique and fascinating story of how her consulting business came to be! Listen here

boost from birdsite, upcoming pip release 

boosting @`di_codes

My favorite thing about this video isn't that it's a reminder that pip is changing in the next release.

(although that's super important too! test your systems!)

It's that it puts a face to so many folks that build the tools you use on a daily basis

boost from birdsite, request for book recommendations 

boosting @`lexiatwork

I'm so glad I just reread Bitterblue.
What other novels do you recommend about societies recovering from the trauma and lies of fascism?

boost from birdsite, emacs survey 

boosting @`kfogel
Oh, hey, there’s an Emacs User Survey happening! I just filled it out. If you use Emacs, please consider taking ten minutes to help developers better understand how people use Emacs:

boost from birdsite, user experience, Discourse 

Boosting thread

At least I'm not crazy, but I am also so sad

Like.... Discourse has a fatal flaw that Hyperkitty was explicitly designed to avoid. Yet somehow it's getting unleashed on people and causing alienation all over the place.

It caters to new users at the cost of the ones who are already there....

boost from birdsite, apprenticeship job opportunity 

bsting @`fureigh This is an *excellent* opportunity to get started in #civicTech.

Attn people "who are starting their careers or transitioning to new careers, in software engineering or frontend design”

We are excited to announce the kick-off of our engineering and frontend design apprenticeship program! Apply for a full-time, 4-month program w/ training, salary, and a clear path towards full-time employment.

boost from birdsite, seeking contacts in US 


I don’t have many followers, so if you see this, please boost. I am looking to talk to people who have either sued or considered suing their elementary/middle/high school district over abuse & neglect. If this is you, please DM me. Especially New York State cases. Thanks!

boost from birdsite, NYC 

boosting Queens Community Board 3
Do you prefer working from home?

Maybe you'd prefer a flexible schedule that allows you to mix remote and office work?

wants to help NYC prepare for the future:

boost from birdsite, worker exploitation 

boosting @`ElizabethN
Not only is it not a paid position, students paid *them* for the "opportunity"

This may be the most important thing we've ever done at Lambda School: Introducing Lambda School Fellows.

Bring an engineer onto your team for four weeks *at no cost to your company.*

We onboard them quickly and show you how much (and fast) they ship.

boost from birdsite, job in free and open source software 

boosting @`OpenSourceOrg
OSI is hiring an Executive Director who will work with the board to build a bridge to a stronger future for OSI and the open source ecosystem. Please share widely!

boost from birdsite, speculative fiction book 

boosting Candlemark & Gleam

Pre-order active: Leonard Richardson's Situation Normal, satirical yet deeply poignant mil space opera. Paperback & ebook at Amazon, B&N, Kobo. Ongoing giveaway,
. SN got high praise from & @`ALA_Booklist
. Launches Dec 14! #sciencefiction @leonardr

boost from birdsite, Python, packaging 


boosting @`ThePyPA pip 20.3 is out. See for what's new (including the dependency resolver) and how to migrate. Thanks @`ChanZuckerberg and @`mozilla for funding!

boost from birdsite, Python, packaging 


boosting @`ThePyPA

Using the new pip 20.3
and find it's taking a lot longer?

* read our guide to reducing backtracking

* report it to us at

* temp switch to old resolver behavior: use flag `--use-deprecated=legacy-resolver`

boost from birdsite, international shipping and shopping 

boosting Tobie Langel
I feel like I ask this every 6 months, but what's an alternative to that would actually ship to Switzerland?

boost from birdsite, crowdfunding, speculative fiction, comedy 

boosting Julia Rios This says “poetry reading” and we WILL have award-winning undersea poetry performed by a professional audiobook narrator, but there’s SO MUCH MORE!!! You may know @brainwane
as the host of the Otherwise auction at WisCon. She’s going to do some comedy for us!

boost from birdsite, crowdfunding, speculative fiction, comedy 

"As of right now, there are 5 people who have backed at levels that include this party—plenty of room for more! We’re capping it at 40, though, so no matter what you’ll have a great chance at those giveaways!"

boost from birdsite, calming social videocall practices 


Holiday family video calls without "Zoom burnout": my "pandacam" solution


boost from birdsite, calming social videocall practices 

@brainwane oh this is very similar to what we did for thanksgiving! We callout ours an open house though

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