Note from Denise about the bugs in the most recent code push updating 's entry/comment pages:

On why the site looks different/they can't just 'keep the old version':

"It isn't possible to keep "the old version" of the underlying code, because the entire purpose of the changes are so that we can finally, finally stop maintaining a custom HTML-like markup "language" that was created in 1996 and that we, LJ, and other sites using either the LJ or DW code are the only sites on the internet to ever use..."

"...It's virtually impossible to keep a page's styling looking similar when you're going from one underlying modern framework to a different underlying modern framework, much less when you're converting the eldritch probably-haunted katamari of handwritten-in-a-text-editor-in-1999 HTML and CSS that lies at the heart of every page on the site we haven't converted yet."

I think, since most of us have very few interactions with technology that's been maintained continuously since 1999, we all sort of perpetually underestimate exactly how fucking hard it is to maintain a codebase that's seen continuous additions from a whole host of different devs and volunteers since 1999.

A lot has changed since 1999! Livejournal's original code was basically inventing the Web2.0 style social media site, on the fly, with very little outside reference to standardize against so it's natural that they'd have made some decisions that from a modern perspective need to be removed from the codebase ASAP (many of which, like the whole 'roll our own unicode support' thing were 100% the right decision at the time but are definitely not the best solution *now*)


Anyway Denise is talking literally cutting edge science on photosensitive vertigo in the comments section (also in the post itself!) so if you can through the comments for the lil official dw acct swirl, that stuff is extremely worth reading!

Particularly if you do any kind of webdev or design work but honestly a lot of it is just good to know as a user of the internet

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