Today's word: kilotab, meaning having 1000 browser tabs open at once.

I'm currently at 0.015 kilotabs in this browser.

@liw 0.018, but i risk hitting 0.050 on any given workday, which is demonstrably too many.

@brennen @liw
2.1 here. House is pretty clear, though. Should i still get therapy?

@zeh @brennen Yikes. You have 2100 browser tabs? I can barely manage 21.

@liw @brennen had to install addons to unload them automatically after some time. Is that cheating?

@zeh @liw @brennen I generally have 3-6 browser profiles active at any given time, with about 15 windows total, and up to 0.2 kilotabs total. I'm fine right?


@eqe @zeh @liw @brennen i’m currently at about 4 browser profiles, & 0.4 kilotabs

Its the phone browser tab management that really kills me, only about .05 of those are on my laptop

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