@pzmyers that works for stuff like the humanities or history where all you need is knowledge.

it works less well for something like chemistry where you need hands-on lab experience, as fume hoods and equipment and glassware are ridiculously expensive.


@Canageek @pzmyers it doesn’t even work for the humanities? The $3,000 tag is, according to the comic ‘per course, per semester’ but then in the conclusion they’ve switched it to ‘full time, all year’

Even just doubling the price to account for two semesters/yr puts the PhD tutors over the cost of annual tuition

This isn’t to say that college isn’t overpriced, but the math in that comic doesn’t hold up at all

@Satsuma In the comic, both tuition and salary are per semester, so when you account for two semesters/yr both prices double, not just tutors.

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