Today in Mens Fashion is fuckin Weird: these pants come in black, navy, dark khaki, gunmetal and dirt

Gunmetal is unnecessarily macho but sure whatever

But dirt?????

@Satsuma the problem with black pants is when youʼre out working and you get dirt on them itʼs really obvious and stands out

but dirt doesnʼt show up on pants that are coloured like dirt

@kibimon thats true but dirt comes in many different colors and these are one particular red brown, not like heathered or camo-ed or anything that’d hide off colored bits?

@Satsuma yeah i mean, i donʼt know why you wouldnʼt just pick khaki but

my point is that like most things in menʼs fashion thereʼs like, probably a reason for it, but it has likely been warped by machismo and time

earthtones are good colours for working clothes but most of menʼs fashion isnʼt actually designed for work anyway sooo

@kibimon yeah the colors actually pretty nice, it was just the name that cracked me up

@kibimon @Satsuma Reminds me of the old joke about the red jacket and brown pants...

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