i just figured i'd warn for anyone who may need it, bc i was given no warnings whatsoever. fktjt

altho ig ppl could just always check doesthedogdie.com

for real tho, if you ever need any content warnings for a movie, check out doesthedogdie.com

it doesn't just warn for animal death anymore. a ways back it started adding more and more content warnings.

it's gotten to warning for specific kinds of deaths, specific kinds of trauma and abuse, hatecrimes, specific mutilations, addictions, etc.

it's really really helpful for people with any kinds of triggers for stuff like that.

@vee It does have its limitations, as one might expect - it doesn't really warn much against Passengers, which has a horrific central premise which the filmmakers largely handwave away as just perfectly understandable given the isolation of one of the main characters.

@porsupah @vee (wait whats the warning you think Passengers should get? I havent seen it)

“Passengers”, description why it’s deeply problematic, spoilers 


“Passengers”, description why it’s deeply problematic, spoilers 

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