<< Data was stolen from an Amazon Web Services-based storage bucket, which included more than 140,000 Social Security numbers >>

How about all of these 'data breach!!! data was taken OUT OF THE CLOUD!!!!' articles instead start with

"Data was PUT INTO Amazon Web Services, which is a sketchy private company with an extremely bad reputation owned by the world's richest man who is currently being blackmailed and who many Amazon users hope, against all the evidence, isn't a literal Bond Villain.."

If you put your company's secret data in the cloud, YOU ALREADY LOST CONTROL OF YOUR DATA

Cos it's in the Cloud.

That's what the Cloud is.

It's giving someone else control of your secret data.

That someone being someone who wants to rule the world.

You can kid yourself for a very long time that nobody who runs the Cloud is going to look at your secret data.

But it's a cutthroat business world, data is money, and you will never know if they did look.

They probably aren't looking! You hope.

@natecull thats true, but its low grade information. You could lie and trick them. Even trick them into thinking that you believe something that you dont.

@Rich_Graham @natecull i mean, except we’ve already established via this data leak that it includes over 140,000 social security numbers so

Maybe the stuff /you/ are doing with AWS is low grade data, in which case thats fine! But clearly other people are /not/ and the only reason they thought putting 140,000 SSNs into the cloud was okay was because we’ve managed to divorce “the cloud” from “the actual real company you’re handing all your stuff to”

@Satsuma @Rich_Graham

What worries me the most about Cloud hype is that there's this whole cult of the Expertise Of Giant Companies that goes along with it. The value proposition being actively sold is 'it's actually more secure to give all your data to the biggest company possible than to hold it yourself!'

Which would be maybe fine IF being the biggest company meant being the most ethical? But we know that isn't how the market works.


@natecull @Rich_Graham yeah any company making money off of selling data should be considered like, inherently unsafe when it comes to data security and it’s absolutely wild that they aren’t

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