TIL my accent probably doesn't distinguish CH and J on unstressed syllables

@Satsuma i discovered this saying "wheelchair": i sometimes do "wheeljair"

@onethousandtwentyfour i’m pretty sure i don’t do this? But not completely - it’s confusing because in some contexts both syllables in wheelchair get equal stress and they’re definitely differentiated then

@Satsuma try "temperature"? i favour CH but don't find J distasteful

@Satsuma actually "ture" may have secondary stress in that one depending in how you say it so uhh


@onethousandtwentyfour huh thats interesting! The internet claims that ch & j (or tʃ and dʒ, rather) are the same mouth shape, just voiced vs unvoiced so it makes sense that in certain contexts they’d be interchangeable is suppose? But why not for witching then I wonder — just the psychology of the t?

@Satsuma it's definitely a very rare thing; now that i have wiktionary i can confirm that i donʼt do it for “culture” but MIGHT for “uncultured”???? or i might do an in-between tʒ?? and i like it for “furniture”

my official stance: J for CH is not really a thing, but it is on the verge of becoming a thing i think

@Satsuma and yeah T -> D is already established so TSH -> DZH is not a big leap, is my reasoning behind it

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