The problem with writing things and immediately posting them is that it doesn’t actually prevent you from lying awake in bed thinking of more ideas on the same topic for another two hours after you’ve posted it

Case in point, re: (On public vs private speech) the existence of curational spaces such as This Week in Meta or Fanlore can indirectly affect the ‘public-ness’ of a post.

When I wrote that I was intentionally writing for a ‘public’ audience, hence the carefully neutral tone and me reserving my opinions on where the public/private line falls in favor of keeping the focus on the meta analysis, except, there wouldn’t BE a public audience for me to address it to if I didn’t think that it was possible to end up linked into public spaces?

Like, recursively, public posts only exist because public places exist (even tho public places are made up of public posts)

That or I’m overthinking things bc its 4 am and I cant sleep

I’ll leave you, the slightly less public public, to be the judge

@Satsuma "Art is never complete; only abandoned."

One of my teachers (surely repeated from some other source!) in the university I went to. Talking a bit both about researching for papers and the ever-ongoing relationship between arts, faith and science.

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