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True fandom is adding anonymous comments to a sixty page google doc that keeps crashing because seventy eight (!) people are trying to edit it at once

More seriously though, I do think the spec that got written last night is something anyone who’s trying to pick up users from tumblr should be reading

It was written in less than a day, so it’s far from perfect, and theres definitely some stuff in there that strikes me as impractical, or even a genuinely bad idea, but it’s not often that devs get a chance to find out what their users want out of their at this level of detail

Satsuma @Satsuma

For those of you wondering what I’m talking about: in response to tumblr attempting to drive off the better part of its user base a bunch of fans got together to spec out what they wanted out of a social platform for fandom. The finished doc is 134 pages long & includes discussions on everything from federated vs centralized to identity verification to How Tags Should Work.

If you want to read it, you can do so here:

@cj isn’t it? I havent had time to finish reading it completely yet (amusing, considering I was a contributor, but) but all the discussions in it I’ve seen are just wonderful

@Satsuma If I weren't so busy getting go-fed v1 out the door is be using that doc to think about an ActivityPub app.

@cj the guy who built pinboard (and, more relevantly, designed it based on a collaboratively written fandom spec) has shown moderate interest, so it’s possible it’ll get built

But if you ever find yourself with time to take a stab at it yourself, obviously I’m all for that :D