And by "IT" I mean 2018's christmas cookie marathon. For the next few days, it's just me, a dinky lil oven, 4 pans and a sack of flour, eggs, sugar and butter. It ends when everything in my home is coated in a thick dusting of cocoa, flour and sugar goo.

First batch done; basic butter cookies. I always like making these, piping out the batter is fun. Luckily it was a fairly cool day (by Australian summer standards) so it didn't completely turn to mush as I worked.

#baking #food


@MJBlacke we start our cookie marathon with biscotti (and then meringues to use up all the egg whites)

@Satsuma I'd love to do meringues but you can't really do that in a Queensland summer - last time I tried it was so humid they went all slimy and gross after 2 minutes out of the fridge :/

I make 'em a lot in winter, tho, especially when I make pasta - always wind up with a lot of egg whites and, well, it'd just be wasteful to not use them :D

Can't say I've ever made biscotti, but I've suddenly a hankerin' to try - Is there any chance of a recipe recommendation?

@MJBlacke yeah I’ll admit I’ve never attempted to make them in the summer either (though i have done macarons and had them come out okay)

Biscotti are great because I keep for ages, and they ship well if one has any cross country cookie gifting needs - I can dig up my recipe to send you as soon as I get home :)

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