@fribbledom hmm, someone brought this up in my computer networking class and the professor said... it wasn't important??


It is a problem for anyone who cares about DNS and/or security. Maybe your professor doesn't belong to either group :thaenkin:

@fribbledom @ibagail Even regardless of security its just a really fuarking dumb thing to do, AND its been implemented poorly and inconsistently.

If I have layer01.www.www.m.layer02.www.p7.co.nz that will get shortened to layer01.layer02.p7.co.nz

@tA @fribbledom yeah i read the thread and that shit looks UH OH

@tA @fribbledom
Why does the presence or absence of the www make a difference? Are there websites not on the web?

@DialMforMara @ibagail @tA

The same domain name with and without "www." can technically point to two different internet addresses. It's not often the case, but when it's the case this becomes confusing and potentially misleading from a security perspective.

@fribbledom @ibagail @tA That's as far as I understood before you began explaining. Why is this allowed?

@DialMforMara @fribbledom @ibagail Because google are annoying and large enough that they can do what they like I guess :/

@tA @fribbledom @ibagail ...google isn't in charge of the Internet? I'd've thought it was someone with broader interests like the W3C


@DialMforMara @tA @fribbledom @ibagail google’s decision that https preferred and to flag http as ‘insecure’ on chrome is a big part of why so many sites have switched to https

Like regardless of if you think they were right about that decision or not, the fact is that through chrome and google search google controls traffic to enough of the web that it’s hard to stand up to them. They’ve done it before & they can do it again

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