If anyone wants to chat about the bylaws I’m free for the next three hours! (After that, i’m still interested in what you have to say but I wont see it until tomorrow)


Talking with @ryliejamesthomas@mastodon.social about what we want to work on tonight in the bylaws.

The last two nights we managed to get a mostly thorough initial pass done: we've identified most of the problems, fixed some of them and discussed how to approach fixing the more difficult ones (research)

Some stuff that still needs doing:

— The preamble: this one should be fun!
— Purpose of the organization: preliminary research suggests probably a horrible legal trap, approach with caution
— Smaller edits such as: doing a pass for accessibility & undefined jargon, trying to resolve the stuff still in brackets, finding any weird malformed proto-sentences that got left behind from all the editing work that's been done already, et cetera

After that we'll need to take a break from active editing for a bit to do research/seek expert advice so most of the activity will probably be happening via the bylaws talk page ( forktogether.space/mw/Talk:Byl )

we briefly discussed purpose, agreed it was a legal trap that'd take more research, and are now moving on to trying to clean up the text

(also, we figured out how to get an opencollective.org account while still hosting our code off github, if that's something the organization's still interested in)

Added a new section to our members section: "Non-members are welcome to attend meetings and participate in meeting discussions if they wish. They are also welcome to use and contribute to shared resources including, but not limited to, the code repo and the wiki. Non-member's participating in ForkTogether Organization projects or making use of shared resources are expected to abide by the bylaws, CoC, and other supplementary governing documents for the duration of their participation."

We also modified the definition of a member a bit, it now reads "Members are those who participate in the project, either through coding, conversation or caring. These criteria for participation are to be understood in a charitable manner, so as to foster inclusion and confidence conducive to constructive contributions. To become a registered member a person must have attended at least two meetings, or made substantial contributions to a working group."

y'all ask very good questions! we're going to make at least one change to the members section because of them, so we appreciate the help :)

While we're doing shout outs, shout out to my cat, who's been cuddling with me every night while I work on the bylaws. He's the real mvp :P

It mostly doesn't get covered in these posts, but basically whenever we do anything effecting membership, right to vote, or meeting procedure we have to stop and contemplate how it'd stand up to 4chan raids/stormfronts invasion tactics/other duchey groups who like planning organized assaults on communities

We’re back to discussing accessibility: signatories, general assembly, and economic auditor will all be defined terms in the finished document

There will be a supplemental governing document formally laying out the responsibilities of each position on the board (chair, treasurer, etc)

Anything else you would like to see defined?

We’re discussing adding a new section to the bylaws describing meetings that dont involve the whole organization. Useful or overkill?

We’ve created a section on the bylaws talk page to discuss the potential new meetings section of the bylaws, @ryliejamesthomas@mastodon.social and I wont be meeting to talk about the bylaws again until probably Friday or Saturday. Gotta have time to do all that research! So if you have an opinion about this, or any other changes we’ve made, head over to the bylaws talk page to leave your comments

@Satsuma how does this apply early on though? This feels difficult to apply within the first few meetings?

@maloki anyone whos attended meetings one and two is already a member. anyone who's attended one meeting is half way to becoming a member. membership only defines voting, i also posted our paragraph outlining non-member rights

@Satsuma anyone attending the first meeting, which technically isn't over yet, should be eligible to become a member, as it is a start up meeting for the organization.

This usually isn't necessarily captured in bylaws, but maybe it could be.

@Satsuma that's why some of those two consecutive meetings, and a 2/3 votes were in there as well.

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