During today's @forktogether meeting we elected a team of four people (me, @Laurelai @e and @hoodie ) to head the work on the bylaws, since very little had gone done with the previous method of disorganized volunteerism but we're still taking suggestions from members of the provisional organization (anyone who's attended a meeting, done work on the wiki, or helped in the discord work groups)

You can read the current draft of the bylaws here:

We're also still working on the code of conduct, which you can find at and discussing what the future infrastructure for the project should look like (general consensus seems to be open source as much as possible, but we haven't worked out exactly what will fit our needs yet)

So if you'd like to help with either of those, please do! The discord is at:

& you can message @woozle or for an account on the wiki

We still have no formal leadership, and might not for a while depending on how things go, but if you've got questions or concerns feel free to bring them to me or one of the other discord mods ( @PaulFerence @clar @hoodie and @woozle ) and we'll do our best to either address them or point you to someone who can

Alright the forkoff talk is over for today, back to my usual account shenanigans :)

Thanks everyone who's helped out so far, you've all been great

@Satsuma @forktogether @Laurelai @e @hoodie I'm glad you reached this decision. I did try to pull some people together for Saturday evening, but then me leaving happened so I guess no one followed through on that unfortunately.

Keep up the good work! 💞

@Satsuma @forktogether @Laurelai @e @hoodie wrt §13 should probably be clear whether the ⅔ majority is of those in attendance or of *all* members (I assume the former because the latter will probably be quite hard to ennunerate, verify, or achieve)

@Satsuma @forktogether @Laurelai @e @hoodie or could be clarified with a blanket statement in §12— "unless otherwise specified, a 'majority' is figured from those present and not abstaining" or something

@Satsuma @forktogether when did you end up scheduling the next meeting?

@clar @maloki @forktogether we're not having another meeting until the bylaws are done, since we've lost almost the entirety of the last two meetings to them

In the meanwhile, anyone can contribute to the wiki, so we're still making progress

@Satsuma makes sense. I just hope that momentum isn't lost.

Progress is progress though.

How the work on the bylaws going?

@clar @forktogether

@maloki @clar @forktogether decent, laurelai, e, and I are going over the talk page notes & trying to implement them tonight

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