The goal for the discover feature is to use public data (likes, captions, comments, hashtags) as signals in an algorithm to show you related posts (including federated posts the instance is aware of). This would be similar to IG while balancing privacy with discovery! (non-public data will not be used, ie: dm's, follower only posts, ect)

@pixelfed would there be a way to opt out for people who aren’t interested in using the discover page? Ive never once used IG’s so I’m dubious about how necessary they are, but I dont personally care that much

But I imagine other people might feel much more strongly about being able to opt out of that kind od data analysis, considering how many social media companies have turned out to be just horrible lately

hi @Satsuma I can't answer about the "opt-out" request you make (I'm not developer) but SO FAR there's no "analysis" concerning Discover. It's not based on who you follow or what you "like", it is just a selection on pictures and carrousell of users. Pixelfed is under huge development and you/me can contribute with messages like this ;-)

Correct me if I'm wrong @pixelfed

@Satsuma in the last toot @pixelfed explains that ;)

It reads "would be", in the future.


@xosem @pixelfed yes i know would be means in the future? I like discussing things /before/ they happen, when theres the highest chance of actually making productive changes

Hence me wanting to know if we’re considering building a way to opt out of this into the system

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