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During today's @forktogether meeting we elected a team of four people (me, @Laurelai @e and @hoodie ) to head the work on the bylaws, since very little had gone done with the previous method of disorganized volunteerism but we're still taking suggestions from members of the provisional organization (anyone who's attended a meeting, done work on the wiki, or helped in the discord work groups)

You can read the current draft of the bylaws here:

Historic continuity is fake probably, but sometimes it’s what you need to get through the day

A rainy day means tea & cake

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Last time I looked on redbubble for my highly specific teeshirt needs (bread and roses) it failed to come through for me but maybe ‘kinsey x’ is a slightly more widespread concept so we’ll see

My dad just used the phrase ‘hot take’ in casual conversation

Speak of the devil’s supposed to be launching to day, innit

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Went to a Bastille day party and then watched Casablanca which might be the only movie with a love triangle in existence that actually provides a plausible answer to ‘but why cant they just be poly’

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Anyway the main reason we don’t use periods very much is because they’re mostly unnecessary in short form communication

But also, I think, because their job is to signal ‘this is a complete thought’ and that doesn’t invite much communication

(Admittedly I’m only bringing this up because the thing i just wrote is seven sentences long and three of those sentences contain semi-colons)

Seriously WHAT is the point of the modern internet if we’re just gonna forget about all the good punctuation!

We’ve got a whole playground of text based communication at our disposal here, and we’re apparently too lame to use it to the fullest of our advantage!

Semicolons: seriously underused

Someone do me a favor and tell me which of these four similar methods of constructing the same concept makes the most sense:

[is|not] [is|is not] is(not) is(is not)

Hmmm maybe next time firefox offers to do updates & restore my tabs I’ll check how many I’ve got open before I click yes

Anyway you should all read this fic, captain america is genderqueer and poly & the writing's fantastic (also it won a tiptree, which, crazy that this's the world we're living in now, right?)

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