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: Art & Queer Culture, by Catherine Lord & Richard Meyer

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Might've just accidentally written a cookbook

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In case anyone was somehow unaware, I'm very much a 'not gay as in happy but queer as in fuck you' kind of queer

tfw you’ve been in a cat photo’s group chat for years and only just now found out its made up primarily of ace people

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Hot Typography Concept:

What if instead of using an umlaut so signify that two consecutive vowels AREN'T a diphthong ("coöperative"), we instead shove vowels together like "æ" or "œ" when they ARE diphthongs?

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My mother would like everyone know that she found some cherries that grow in trios

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Jack and the beanstalk except its an allegory for cobra lights

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Creating fractals using self-referential PowerPoint slides :o

Okay thats a lie I’m totally participating

I sang a concert in Arabic once, maybe seven years ago? Was probably the hardest concert I ever sang, quarter tones are totally out of the western conceptualization

So I’m just sitting with my cheeseboard watching avidly

My uncle, who is without a doubt the best musician i know is giving my aunt, who is an adept singer but knows no music theory her first a piano lesson

On an Arabic piano

I can get this same experience at home in my own bed in a highly* walkable** city***!

What is the POINT of living so far from civilization that u dont even have cell service if I still have to hear someones goddamn car alarm going off at three am

This joke has been redacted due to not making sense without accompanying meta text

The first draft of this post said “has done more to radicalize me” but ai didn’t want y’all to think I’m becoming a vegan evangelist

This book has made me more of an anti-capitalist than any political tract I’ve ever read

Weather last night wasn’t *quite* warm enough for my sleeping kit last night, & because I’m the last one up, apparently everyone responded by dumping their bedding on top of mine

So I woke up QUITE toasty

*struggles out from beneath giant pile of blankets* Good morning everyone

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