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Hey everyone I’m Satsuma, you can call me Satsu if you’d like

I’ve never done an introductions post bc I am fundamentally unsure whether I actually exist but in theory at least I’m a ace butch (they/them please) who likes learning about cool stuff and trying to make the world be a better place

I’ve been around on mastodon for a while so if you’ve got questions or need help feel free to ask! Or also if you just want to say hello 💛🧡❤️

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In case anyone was somehow unaware, I'm very much a 'not gay as in happy but queer as in fuck you' kind of queer

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There's 86 images in there so far - frames, borders, dividers, random ornamentation, illustrated letters.

It's free, but you can also leave a tip ^.^

I'll add more as I trace more things :)

#MastoArt #ArtReference #CC0

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short list of free-to-read sapphic mermaid webcomics 

If anyone is thinking 'sapphic mermaid comics! Where can I find some of those?'

Here's some really excellent ones:

The Sea In You (an extremely cute and creative little mermaid retelling):

Ice Massacre (a mermaid vs human war):

The Sea Maid (technically selkies):

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hurricane ida aftermath. 2 (with donation link) 

Terrebonne's General Hospital has NO water. They transported patients out before it got to that point, but there is NO water.

Numerous parishes have Zero access to water. Please Please donate to groups helping in Louisiana.
Water is life.

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hurricane ida aftermath 

people in Jefferson parish are running out of drinkable water.
ATT&T is down in most places, making it difficult to contact people throughout the impacted areas.
a transmission tower is down, aka no power for New Orleans.
Grand Isle people gave a thumbs up to helicopters but can't get out of the island.
I just. ugh

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This week's episode of @fossandcrafts
is the conclusion of the two-part series on my dissertation topic. We talk about the ways that textiles were used to construct women's identities, particularly around the milestones of marriage, childbirth, and death.

The use of hand-crafts to construct ceremonial or sentimental items has been a staple of women's social networks throughout history and continues today. For reference, here are three examples from my own life:


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ways to donate to Hurricane Ida relief 

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief - they have a local branch and are there for the long haul

Cajun Navy - local nonprofit mostly made up of fishermen who evacuate people by boat

Considering how pervasive complaints about 'wall of tags' fics are, I'm assuming either most peoples annoyance threshold is well under 75 or that fics with lots of tags tend to be significantly higher output / more frequently updated than ones with fewer tags, inflating their prominence in the archive (since default sort is reverse chrono by last updated date)

Most likely it's some combination of both

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Most part interesting was this tidbit:

«We looked at all the works on the Archive and determined that:
- the average number of tags per work is 17,
- the most common number of tags per work is 11, and
- less than 0.5% of works have more than 75 tags.»

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has announced an upcoming tags cap for fics! 75 tags per work, excluding ratings, categories (the ao3 name for f/f vs m/m vs f/m vs multi), and archive level warnings

Transit is one of those things u can only really learn by doing tho—i can stare at maps all night and i wont know for sure how i’m getting somewhere till i have actually done it

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also my tiny wallet, which is not going to fit this many different fare cards tbh

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My new apartment is on the nexus point of like....six entirely distinct public transit systems its too much for my tiny brain

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The gender of the day is a shameful goblin on a boat in international waters.

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wase satsuma satsumas, painted by royal charles steadman, 1920

If you have a server with very focussed topics for each server, prefacing searches with in:relevant-channel-name is very helpful for making discords fuzzy search less terrible

Also ‘in:channel-name has:link archive’ will turn up everyones ao3 recs if you just happen to need to compile a list of those

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Petition to get NICE #MECFS guidelines published (anyone, anywhere, can sign!) 

Please sign this petition to NICE to publish the new #MECFS guidelines. They were cancelled at the last minute by vested interests who want to keep damaging treatments.

Anyone can sign the petition, it doesn't matter where you live as this will have a global impact on MECFS support, research and access to benefits. We need all allies to help us get this done.

More info about this on the link:

#NICEguideline #pwME #ChronicIllness #LongCovid

@MECFS @ChronicIllness

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I am once again coming to you asking for your favorite Fan Films and independent productions, no budget films, home made TV shows, and narrative podcasts.

I'm specifically looking for fiction, I'd prefer stuff that is distributed DRM free and has a download option, but I'll yank it off Youtube if I need to (I don't have fast enough internet at home for streaming, we're basically on ISDN speeds.)

I'll share some of my favorites in the comments.

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