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The Essential Feminist Reader edited by Estelle B Freedman

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Hey everyone Iโ€™m Satsuma, you can call me Satsu if youโ€™d like

Iโ€™ve never done an introductions post bc I am fundamentally unsure whether I actually exist but in theory at least Iโ€™m a ace butch (they/them please) who likes learning about cool stuff and trying to make the world be a better place

Iโ€™ve been around on mastodon for a while so if youโ€™ve got questions or need help feel free to ask! Or also if you just want to say hello ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿงกโค๏ธ

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In case anyone was somehow unaware, I'm very much a 'not gay as in happy but queer as in fuck you' kind of queer

One person makes one comment at 3:27 and the whole chat fills up with half a dozen people going "bedtime!" "go to sleep!" "go to bed!" over each other

But thx to everyone who came! Will try again another night

Well, weโ€™re closing this down due to server issues crashing things every time i got more than two people

My island is open if anyone wants to come visit!

My friend code is: SW-4332-6199-1032

We're playing cards against amestris! Game will be running for the next few hours, you can join at any point and be dealt in on the next hand
Pass is fullmetal

Our weekly CAF game is up! We'll be playing for the next few hours, you can join at any time and be dealt in on the next round

Pass is gayme time

ancient roman euphemisms 

ancient roman euphamisms 

Is there any way to turn off zooms auto-censor features? Itโ€™s hiding my students homework lol



animal crossing spoilers i guess 

The two pulsing teal rooms in the hospital have been joined by a faintly glowing royal blue

COVID-19, good news, masks 

Link Round-Up

Step-by-step guide for taking care of your basic needs each day:

99 Coping Skills list (customizable):

Dozens of cute animal live cams:

Share your fave self care links in replies!


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