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Currently Reading: Sewer, Gas, and Electric by Matt Ruff

(Thanks to @neal for the rec!)

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In case anyone was somehow unaware, I'm very much a 'not gay as in happy but queer as in fuck you' kind of queer

"Current Mood: I'm in Fucking"
- David Jay's AVEN profile cSept 2002

The hardest part of documenting ace history c1995-2005 is not accidentally doxxing literally everyone involved

Well, the bad news is I can’t find any evidence that this person was at all involved in the ace community past the fall of 2000

The worse news is that I DID find an up to date copy of their resume, including their current workplace, email, and phone number

Don’t use your school emails to talk to strangers on the internet, folks

Do you think if I made a distinction between pre-asexual history (evidence of ace people/communities existing, that completely predate the modern community) and proto-asexual history (communities who may not have used the word ace but are more or less historically contiguous with the modern ace community) would anyone have any idea what I was talking about?

Anyway, if I could disable boosts on my posts at an account level, I totally would

I think everyone agrees that having a certain amount of privacy settings for a social media account is good, like, people should be able to control who sees what they post

And also if those settings get too complex, thats bad, because it makes it more difficult for people to control who sees what they post

But where the hell is that line???

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"it" being TextEdit. I've got copies of all of the code in an actual code editor already so I don't particularly care, but I'm tempted to find out what'd happen if I tried to get the document to unformat itself anyway

Apparently if you write HTML in a .txt document it might just uh, use your html to format the document

I'm not disputing that doing so might take a certain amount of...scholarly acumen from at least some of the participants but

Like, my intention when talking about making ace history accessible to the community is much more about collaboratively building a shared historical consensus within the community than it is on like, writing a Historical Work

Is community history (as a distinct concept from academic histories) a thing that only exists in my head?

Karl Jenkins is my new least favorite composer

Maybe if I go back to bed this comment will be less annoying when I wake up

If nothing else, this was worth it for the giant pile of pirated academic essays on Asexuality someone just gave me

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