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Hey everyone I’m Satsuma, you can call me Satsu if you’d like

I’ve never done an introductions post bc I am fundamentally unsure whether I actually exist but in theory at least I’m a ace butch (they/them please) who likes learning about cool stuff and trying to make the world be a better place

I’ve been around on mastodon for a while so if you’ve got questions or need help feel free to ask! Or also if you just want to say hello 💛🧡❤️

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Gods, Heroes, and Monsters: A Sourcebook of Greek, Roman, and Near Eastern Myths in Translation

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Might've just accidentally written a cookbook

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In case anyone was somehow unaware, I'm very much a 'not gay as in happy but queer as in fuck you' kind of queer

trans* politics 

trapped spoilers 

trapped spoilers 

trapped spoilers 


there are actually a huge number of boomers who exclusively go by chosen names (Junior, Bubba, Doc, etc) and iʼve definitely heard stories of them getting frustrated by not being able to use those names in official circumstances. humans have been changing their names and going by nicks & epithets for the entirety of chronicled human history; going by Your Legal Name In All Circumstances is largely a Gen Xer thing.

when you see organizations accepting chosen names over legal names, donʼt think of it as a change in social norms. itʼs more just a cultural remembering that bureaucracy doesnʼt define who we are. draw power from that history.

Its only 10 eps long so like, I am actually almost halfway through?

Ten episodes does not feel like enough time to get THREE couples together and also solve a four year old murder case, but it’s been managing the fast pace pretty smoothly so far so

Takes on eps 1-4:
- All of the four main leads are complete disasters but in an endearing way
- I dont think I’ve ever watched a romcom where one of the characters was dtf before the show even started???
- This show clearly understands that queers move in packs, as far as I can tell Tang Ye has two people in his circle who are straight, and one of them’s his foster sister

Dreamwidth has successfully dragged me into the Taiwanese miniseries HIStory3:Trapped

Miko has resumed his adorable habit of shoving his entire face into my palm when he wants pets

(But also literally I have....462 tabs open in safari rn and 44 in firefox so like, apple is wise not to let me try and force my laptop to load all of those all at once)

Managing tabs on my phone is SO ANNOYING which is why I always have like 5 million things open if i could just move em to a big screen where i can organize ‘em into windows & have stuff open side by side with pinboard/dw/etc it’d be so much easier!

I dont ACTUALLY want this power because I would surely crash my computer even more on the reg but: where is the ‘transfer all tabs to laptop’ button

(LB is a whole thread of gender jokes, if you’re into that sort of thing)

People who think sexuality is a simple function of gender have no idea how quantum gender works, and probably won't even comprehend CLASSICAL gender.

First you have to understand the classical gender forces: gender gravity, in which each person's gender has some attractive component to others' genders according to the proportional magnitude of the genders.

Then there's gender electromagnetism, in which some attractive or repulsive component is contributed based on each gender's net charge.

To be clear i’m not judging the author or saying either /shouldnt/ be used this way, I’m just curious about how words are used, so wondering why I reacted that way/how everyone else feels about it

I just saw either used with a list of four, which threw me, but the editor in my head didn’t supply an immediate rephrase either, at which point I started wondering if it was even ungrammatical in the first place?

How do y’all feel about either/neither being used for non-binary choices (eg would you like either an orange, an apple, or a banana?)

Like i’m not even asking for one of those crazy complicated Japanese vending machines that will seemingly sell you damn near anything here, just little paper packets of tea and maybe instant coffee powder and electrolyte packets as well?

The real question is if all the University’s hot water fountains are going to offer me free hot water, why there isnt a single place I can spend twenty cents for a teabag?

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