Just a newbie trying out the photo functionality around here. :)

Took this pic at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn a few days ago. Creepy-gorgeous. Seemed like good fiction fodder.

Hey guys, how do you invite someone to join wandering.shop?

Apologies for the noob question! :P

Hi there, I’m Sarah! I’m bouncing from the birdsite and doing the thing. I write short fiction and poetry. I have about a dozen pro short fiction credits, about a quarter of which appeared in Lightspeed. Lately I’ve been favoring poetry; I’ve got poems forthcoming in Nightmare, Uncanny, and Kaleidotrope.

I’m also a Codexian, so I already see a bunch of old friends. :D

Anyway, happy to be here! Looking forward to reconnecting with other birdsite evacuees, as well as meeting new folks!

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