Just finished Sleeping Beauties by Stephen and Owen King? Opinions? Mine was decidedly thumbs down.

Pet death 

Our cat is gone. we had to put her to sleep. She couldn't eat or drink, and was in pain.
Goodbye Midnight. I bet you are playing with your sister and dog brother. We love you.

So my cat is dying. She is 16. She ended up with cancer of the mouth, but because of her age, surgery wasn't recommended. She can't eat or drink. We are having the vet come tomorrow. I'm just... well I'm not in a good state as one can imagine.

Reading Cloud Atlas. Has anyone else read the book? It is fascinating, and I need my own copy now! (Library book).

I have this weird speech pattern and I wonder if anyone else does the same. I have the tendency to use "if" instead of "will/would/could/can". For example "If someone could help me with the dishes tonight." And that is where I leave the sentence. unfulfilled.

Tell me why I do it? Take on book challenges when I know what will happen is that I will get to anxious about doing them right to read for enjoyment?

So basically I am reading, or listening to and reading, three different . Two are older books, but still from different time periods. Madam Bovary, 1856, Patricia Brent, ( I am listening and reading that one) from 1918, and Vision in White which was 2009. The last is not my normal reading, but book challenge! and I wasn't in the mood for heavy.

It is interesting comparing the three to each other. The first is sad, the second comedy, the last nothing but fluff!

Finished "In the Time of Butterflies" oh what a
must be learned and understood

I am reading a book about Xenakis, the composer-architect. Who else would I enjoy if I like his music?

Is anyone watching ? Has anyone read the which have given the show their name?

Who has watched Dig? I loved it. It is slow, and comforting in many ways.

Just finished the and wow, I am amazed. It is 500 plus pages but I was able to read it over , interspersed with meals, resting, and reading other things. Excellent dystopian book

The We by Yevgeny Zamyatin is fascinating and terrifying all at the same time.

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