unorthoboxed magazine goes live today! In less than 7 hours. I wrote one of the articles (Wrinkled Beauty), and while it is aimed at Orthodox Jews there are articles relevant to all. Take a look!

Our two cats. Cookie, on the chair, is 3 months old, and Sage is 15 months old. Cookie found us, came up onto our porch (we are on 1rst floor - not ground) and Sage is a rescue. We have had Cookie for a month, and Sage for a week. Today, Sage and Cookie shared a plate to eat. I'm so happy!

Finished reading over Shabbat - if you read it what was your overall impression?

I took my granddaughter (and her baby in its stroller) for a walk. We got as far as the end of the block, where there was construction going on. I think we might have a future construction worker in our midst. She was utterly fascinated for nearly 30 minutes.

Highly recommend "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World Which Doesn't Stop Talking" Doesn't matter if you are an extrovert and want to understand the introverts in your life, or you are an introvert, and want to understand yourself, it is a great book to select to learn more about this subject.

I'm in a kind of reading funk at the moment. Hit me with your best reads suggestions.

Can someone recommend a light book? I just want some reading candy.

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Researchers trained people to use a robotic extra thumb, finding they could effectively carry out dextrous tasks, like building a tower of blocks, with one hand. Participants trained to use the thumb also increasingly felt like it was a part of their body

So daughter and hubby went home, and then we all promptly fell ill from a stomach bug.

I love having my daughter, her husband, and my new grandbaby, at the house. I am also exhausted from the extra work. But I would rather the extra work and exhaustion.

I have a new grandson, Ya'akov. He was born last Friday, Lag B'Omer, and his brit milah was this morning. Odd to have joy when so many have sorrow. Last night we paid a shiva call on someone who lost their son, this morning we had a brit milah.

Volunteering at a library. The job of my dreams.

Has anyone read "The Sudden Appearance of Hope"? Just started and I'm curious how others reacted.

Just finished Sleeping Beauties by Stephen and Owen King? Opinions? Mine was decidedly thumbs down.

Pet death 

Our cat is gone. we had to put her to sleep. She couldn't eat or drink, and was in pain.
Goodbye Midnight. I bet you are playing with your sister and dog brother. We love you.

So my cat is dying. She is 16. She ended up with cancer of the mouth, but because of her age, surgery wasn't recommended. She can't eat or drink. We are having the vet come tomorrow. I'm just... well I'm not in a good state as one can imagine.

Reading Cloud Atlas. Has anyone else read the book? It is fascinating, and I need my own copy now! (Library book).

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