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Ok, I must share this with all. Behold: what happened when our pet hotel decided to take commemorative snapshots of our cat’s stay

food mention, wild bird in cage saga 

The police came to get photos of my evidence (photos of my photos) of the wild bird in its little cage, and my involvement should end here.
I learned that not only did they release the bird, they confiscated the tiny cage.
To thank me for my cooperation in this matter they gave me...cookies. A box of cop cookies. I am not kidding. This country is so weird...
They are good cookies.

The cicadas are everywhere and the other day I noticed they bounce off of walls and other manmade structures, presumably until they happen to hit something more pleasant to cicadas like a tree

The tomato plant is in our bathtub going "???" next to the basil plants going "????" because I relocated them for upcoming typhoon.
I've got the light on in there, hope that's good enough for a day and a half

covid vaccine + 

Husband got his first shot today. <3 <3 <3. May we all get our first and our second shots very very soon.

In other news, Japan Snake Center is doing a live "night outdoors tour" right now looking for snakes and other creatures in the dark.

Need to remember "deadline" doesn't necessarily mean "ahhh panic I must finish asap so the deadline monster doesn't get me"

The local police box called to say they'd checked the household keeping a wild bird in a tiny cage (a varied tit), confirmed it was a wild bird, and released it. They're going to charge the person I guess? which isn't what I necessarily wanted, but I guess that's not my choice. I wanted the bird to be released, and now it's off eating bugs or whatever instead of being cooped up in that little cage.

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Well, I finally reported the household keeping a wild bird in a too small cage. Hope that ends up helping the bird have a less terrible time

Stork is still around and continues to be very subtle and elusive

Hello everyone. I'm not posting anywhere else to protect the bird, but an unlisted toot to people who likely live very far away should be fine, so you get to see the literal stork (Oriental Stork) I found strolling around eating frogs in some peaceful rural rice paddies during my run today. It was raised in Hyogo and is part of the effort to restore the Japanese population.

Covid vaccine appt + 

I am both very happy and proud I got an appointment for both myself and husband because I have a stranglehold on vaccine related info, and sad because the entire thing is not fair within this country and definitely not fair globally

Husband doesn't want to get on the couch because cat is hot, which means I get both cat and couch

There were these two pigeons in the grasses next to apartment building all day, going "oh yum yum this is the stuff, peckity peckity"
I wonder what's so tasty to pigeons in there today?

Having epic battle with Microsoft Word and soon I will vanquish it and victory shall be mine and Clippy will cry little metal tears

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I guess it is "cat loafs in camping chair and looks smug o'clock"

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Hi Internet! Does anyone know what kind of bird this is?

(I'm in Arizona right now, if that narrows things down at all.)

Non vegetarian dried items 

This neighboring house has little fish heads on sticks taped to its window frames and it had been bothering me because I had no idea and all internet searches were fruitless. Finally husband found the magic keywords to get to the proper Wikipedia page: they're to repel demons (onis) during summer solstice, which is past now, so it's the little dried fish equivalent of leaving the Xmas tree up too long, but whatever, now I finally know what is going on with this house

covid vaccine ~ but mostly + 

Emailed my town, which hasn't updated any information on vaccine vouchers in almost a month, about when we can expect new info about vouchers for people under 65. They responded saying they'd mail out vouchers 7/2 and send all residents a flyer saying so at the end of the month.
(GREAT NEWS, but did you know besides paper you can also just copy and paste that email response and put it on your town website? The one you have to inform us about stuff.......?????jkfskj)

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