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Cat is still unaware gravity applies to his butt and is constantly half slipping off lap

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We’ve got a couple candidate cities picked out (to possibly move to). Tried to get a feel for each city by looking at city newsletter. Same content as any other, various levels of design skill.

Looked at online reviews of city hall. Also all the same: average of 2 stars. All city halls piss someone off.

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We’re past ear licking stage and now at quietly purrs at me from under arm stage. Do not want to get out of bed

Cat noticed I’m awake and is now sitting on neighboring pillow licking my ear lovingly

Today I pulled off the proverbial bandaid that is telling my workplace I’m quitting after 5 years and it turns out underneath are a lot of those icky emotion things like “grief” and “gratitude” and “guilt” (why does everything begin with g)

Welp, Tootdon gave up the ghost so I’m using “Toot!” and heyyy not too bad! Actual image description function!

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I'm looking to make a few changes as I prepare for a potential transition.

One of the things I want to change is my identity here on the fediverse. I have a new name in mind, and I'd like to get rid of the picture of the TV mast and have a picture of me that reflects my gender identity in a way that a photograph right now wouldn't.

To that end, I'd like to commission someone to do a profile picture for me. Does anyone have any recommendations? Boosts are fine.

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@Sacchan husband reports cat must’ve spent the entire night cocooned up in blanket because he was still under there in the morning! So cute

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@Sacchan or on second glance it’s more like kiskadees

For just a second I thought this nearby young man’s hawaiian shirt was a subtle leaf/motmot print. Alas, I think I was just imagining the motmots

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I had a short stint at a national lab during my first go at grad school. One time a scientist in a different group came by to tour the observatory and he randomly started telling us about how he studied bees and radioactivity. He’d accidentally let the hive get too big and the hive divided and half of his radioactive bees flew away never to be seen again. I think about those bees a lot. Like, how to you even begin to describe that in a paper? “Oops, lost my radioactive bees.”

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Our printer has decided that it's to hot. In a fit of protest it's printing everything with 100% magenta now

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