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Ok, I must share this with all. Behold: what happened when our pet hotel decided to take commemorative snapshots of our cat’s stay

11:30 pm almost on the dot and tonight’s green mousie festival has begun. I was going to play with him but was sleepy and back pain...ah well. Maybe I’ll be able to fall asleep to the sounds of green mousapalooza like z-ing husband

Dear my lower back: why do you keep doing this? What is it you want? Stretchier hamstrings? Stronger abs? A mountain of treasure? The moon on a platter??

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The fern rustled. I grimaced.

It had been at the apartment when I moved in, and I thought it a nice bit of green. But I was starting to suspect... maybe it was more alive than the average plant?

"Must be the wind again," I announced loudly, keeping my back to it. I kept my eyes on its reflection in my 'casually' placed mirror.

A curled frond reached out to turn the page of my library book beside it.

Wasn't sure how to react to that.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

Ok, time to go confiscate green mousie

Tonight’s cat report: 11:30 pm and he’s playing with his favorite green mousie. Recently had to go hide mousie in purse at almost 2 am because cat was trying to pull an all-nighter. Need to play with cat more so he can resist siren call of green mousie

Kitty had burrowed into the extra set of folded up futon and comforter in our living room! He was happy to come out and sleep in bed when I called him (He likes to do this during the day in sunny weather also. If we’re lucky we can see him notice we’ve arrived back at apartment and emerge face first from the cat sandwich to greet us)

In bed, no kitty :(
Maybe he’s burrowed under sofa blankets and conked out. We’ll see....

Hiking was great! Will surely sleep well tonight. Zzzzz

Hiking tomorrow. I got lost on this route last time around with one of the people in charge of the long distance trail it belongs to, so wish me luck! I’ve got GPS file now to supplement map, more than we had then

Kentucky Route Zero!!!!!! End of this month!!!!!!!!!

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Sheffield, therapy 


It’s going to hit -5C in the early morning so the little heat vampire (read: cat) should be extra glued to me


We hiked. Mountains are steep. I am weak. Zzzz

I hate being this sore. Ugh. Hope it clears up some with hike tomorrow

Happy new year! Cleaning and listening to nearby shrine bell going “bong”

I figured out what my husband wants, and life is good. He wants to enjoy his new year’s holiday to the fullest, so we went to the movies today and tomorrow are going on a hike!

New Years holiday here and husband fell asleep in the kotatsu twice today, is back after brushing his teeth after 10 pm for probably round 3.

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