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The hen brooded diligently, so much so, that if the layer of the eggs had returned, she would have fought to remain on the nest.

She wasn't very smart. She was a chicken.

But nothing ever came to reclaim the eggs. The hen trilled and cackled comfortingly to the eggs. She wasn't smart, but she was there for them.

Some time later, travelers would report a pair of clucking, cackling, fire-breathing dragons protecting a wild flock, taking turns carrying their aging mother up to the clouds.

Had a dream there was a metafilter thread where everyone was talking about crossbill encounters and I was like “Yesss, my ship has come in! Crossbills!”
Unfortunately it was a dream

Ded from hiking (aka death wish scrambling up and sliding down vertical surfaces)
And at the end suddenly there were so many serows (kamoshika) and they were only moderately interested in running away, despite my top of the lungs singing about how I am dangerous and totally going to eat them so get away

Plant story postscript: it was wire vine

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If Google wanted to generate some good will they could unlist any recipes that don't get to the ingredients within 100 words

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Hey there. Do you know your evacuation route? Do you have a little extra food and water stored in case of disaster? If you’re overseas, have you told your government where you are (for example, STEP program for US citizens)?
Yesterday was the anniversary of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. Stay safe.

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Aw man. All those amazing birds I saw at a park...they weren’t real! It was a dream
There were a few clues it was a dream...Japan doesn’t get many bright pink crested parrots, for example

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Well it finally happened last night. The reason the cat never came to bed is, we left the kotatsu on

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Cat under covers: purrs
Me: Pets
Cat: Purrs more
Wish I could do this all day. This is more worthwhile than what I need to do for work

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