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Ok, I must share this with all. Behold: what happened when our pet hotel decided to take commemorative snapshots of our cat’s stay

Hiking in Ishinomaki and writing about it! Yesterday got a ride in a police car in a good way, will see what today has in store

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Morning routine so far:
☑️ Get up with first alarm
☑️ Brush and floss teeth
☑️ Shower
☑️ Inform Jabberwocky the iguana she is a "good potato"

Dry itchy winter shins and no lotion in the house but I found a stick of lip balm, so I dubbed it a “multi-stick” and smeared on legs. I hope it works! So itchy

Today: did a little driving practice, messed around with a wood stove, pointed out a funny discovery to coworkers. Good day.

Cat insists on love nibbling on husband’s chin with his (cat’s) ridiculously long vampire fangs, and husband has recently actually been getting mildly angry at cat (read: looks unhappy and refuses to pet cat for a short period of time) when this happens

It’s yet another episode of “9 pm and warm on the couch with cat, want to go to bed but too sleepy and also will mostly wake back up if I get up”






I’ve kind of always wanted to watch (but been scared to watch) a couple movies like the Hellraiser series, and tonight I’m gonna have a go at watching the first Hellraiser!

I’ve settled into my part time job and I’m really loving it! Change: maybe it feels not good for awhile because change is stress. So happy this nice thing was waiting on the other side of that

Nice date night with husband tonight! Maybe it could be a weekly thing, or bimonthly thing, that would be nice

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Just a PSA: if you want someone to move and you think they might not understand your language, do NOT then wordlessly though gently push them in the desired direction. Say the thing again, and then use gestures! Don’t touch them! Foreigners are not potted plants

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@hummingrain I got to hold an iguana today! It was flailing around before it got handed over but I held it its favorite way as instructed by handler (“hold all its feet and it’ll be calm) and it immediately shut its eyes and possibly slept!

Why is cat such a chinlicker? What cat purpose does it serve to lick the lower half of my face in the morning?

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