Well, ended up staying in bed with cat instead of going to the hospital to clean again. Their account had no info on today, and also I think I need the day to plan my hiking trip for whenever I can actually go so it doesn’t feel like my dreams have been completely squashed

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For those curious, here’s the waterline outside our apartment parking lot (maybe clearer in 2nd picture) and a pic of typical road! We were lucky here

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I’m very pleased with what we opted to bring, when and how we evacuated, and how we decided to come back. Nature doesn’t mess around.

We spent last night to this afternoon either evacuated on a hill in our car with the cat or trying to get back to our (thankfully unflooded apartment)

Meanwhile, in Japan, a pretty awful typhoon is coming and everything for the weekend is cancelled except “sit inside and pat the kitty”

So I went to a local event today! Lots of traditional dancing, 95% of which I’d never seen because lived in a neighboring but different prefecture. I loved it! It was free, and I got to socialize with a lot of older ladies.
The constant “are you an English teacher?” gets annoying but I’d better get used to that by now, because Japan’s gonna Japan...maybe I’ll try countering with a gentle “we’re not all English teachers...” (while thinking: for example, some of us don’t speak English...)

@sophia I can’t figure out how to show you but I just retooted this wonderful pic of a grackle parent with a classic expression

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Another day, another loss to spoiled kitty (as it should be). This time he wailed tragically in front of my closet until I opened it and is now fast asleep in clothes box.

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Aw he sent me a bird video to identify, hooray

Augh, when will husband give update on how he’s doing on overseas trip...*gnaws on fingernails*

I drove to the supermarket today all by myself! Panicking all the while! But I did it!
Driving is terrible and I hate it, but I’m going to do it sometimes because my fears are not the boss of meeeee *thumbs nose at fears*

Cat is snoring. Watching a little “Voyager” and getting distracted by Janeway’s hairdo.

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