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I may love electric blanket in this bed more than anything at this point in time (don’t tell husband)

I just complained to a city hall about a weird sexual harass-y thing one of their half marathon volunteers said to me last weekend. ON THE PHONE, in JAPANESE. It went ok!!! I did it! Because that guy sucked!
Yuss yuss yuss yuss yuss...*little butt shaking victory dance*

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The gender today is the smell of leaves burning and sound of a dial-up modem.

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The gender today is the smell of someone else doing the laundry and fir trees.

Miyako, Iwate is a Very Birdy Place
1. Saw two crows trying to catch some kind of big fat moth. Yes. Flycatching behavior. Crows.
2. On hiking path near hotel, finally saw whatever Winter Wrens are called now in Asia. It only took 8 years of being scolded from bushes to see one.
3. After getting Very Fucking Lost and almost out of daylight found a SNIPE just randomly fluttering around and away on a dark sidewalk. Does it look like a crow is fluttering around like a damn bat? Maybe it’s a snipe!

His royal highness has entered the bed and is trying to express his affection by tongue sandpapering the living bejesus out of my chin

Going to spend next three days either on a train, in a hotel, or running (half marathon) Will miss cat and husband, however: yaaaay travel!!

AnyList has been sooo nice so far for recipe wrangling!

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I can make interesting colored rice! Will try recipe soon

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Name: Delilah. Status: Guilty of chewing through my monitor cable. Punishment: banishment from my office. #bunny knzk.me/media/5wsRWNYWkBenxTlt

Time to go see what else I can make with turmeric, also known as “weird technicolor color bizarro world dill”

Today was yet another episode of “being needled at by conscience until I do the thing.” So I did the thing! Or, offered to do the thing and we’ll see if they bite. Anyway, less needling is nice

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A song I sang to the ducks.
Sung to the tune of “Sherry Baby”
Sleeping ducks
(Sleeping ducks)
Sleeping ducks you are so cute
(So cute, sleeping ducks)

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Weekend = in bed with purring cat sandwiched in armpit, between left arm and torso

When are they ever going to figure out what to call the new era over here after Heisei? Just pick a name, guys. Anything. It’s almost 2019