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Another day, another Azure-winged Magpie

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So it does turn out that 30k bike rides round trip are not created equal, as cross bike is heavy and heavy backpack is heavy. Still glad I took bike and not bus though

Satsuki and friend (a black cat looking intently at the frog on the other side of a window pane)

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@Sacchan I missed a trick - that could be a !

Bike freed from storage -
how sweet, the sound of a bus
I don't have to catch!

Just realized I don’t need to worry about bus times to this event I’m going to tomorrow!

Are maybe a thing I should allow myself to have once in a while!...

Plantie, the plant that hated living indoors and being watered by me, so I planted it in the yard, has once again resurrected from its “extremely brown and dead” status for winter and has many green feisty and new spring leaves

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Am watching new emperor’s greetings and am mystified for many reasons. For instance why are all of his female relatives wearing weird beauty contest tiaras?
Also why is everyone bowing at like less than 90 degrees, is he not the emperor? Shouldn’t you be looking at your own socks bowing at this guy?

Driver’s school suitability test for Japan was bizarre and had a section trying to see if I was especially paranoid or unbalanced. Turns out I accidentally circled “agree” to the statement “Someone is trying to entrap me,” probably because I misread the question. A staff member just checked to make sure it was a mistake. All’s well. Hee. So much for my reading comprehension.

Hiked with friends today. I really needed it. Fresh air and conversation and physical fatigue and a healthy appetite. Birds and butterflies

Nothing and no one is happier than a black cat absorbing heat from sunbeams.
So says the cat purring directly behind me while warming his butt in the sunshine

So much of life is trying to keep myself from stomping with cleats all over the little fragile budding flowers of my tentative dreams

The local batty bats: how many kinds? Where do they sleep? Where do they hibernate? How can I make them a batty box? So many questions!

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