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Ok, I must share this with all. Behold: what happened when our pet hotel decided to take commemorative snapshots of our cat’s stay

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Actually managed jogging slowly for 45 minutes without feeling horrible. It turns out it helps to listen to music (news to no one)

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The Red-browed Finches out the front of our place are still industriously nest building. Here is one of them taking a very short break after bringing more grass back to the nest.

#bird #photo #nature #AustralianWildlife #RedBrowedFinch

I had this awful scare this morning because I thought my cat had eaten my earring back while ear nibbling, but then the earring back showed up so unless it was a cat magic trick I think we're good


Put pesto and feta in my okonomiyaki batter and... it's really good.

Got a nice pic of the local egret flying away in indignation. I have nicknamed it "hannin" (culprit) because it likes to hang out on several local roofs and in the process poo on them

Food, non veg 

Trying to see if I can't use the pressure cooker to take care of the Xmas chicken this year

Ready for the sun to be out past 4 something pm, and the good news is shortest day is coming soon so longer days are a coming

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It's always a good idea to start your day with some stretching, so here's a cute #hoopoe showing you how it's done!

It did a lot more than this move, but I have to say, this was the best one.

I hope you have a great saturday and if you want to start with hoopoe-yoga now, best of luck. :blobcatcoffee:

#photography #EyesOnNature


This carrot ginger soup by Canada (yes, Canada) is consistently tasty every time I make it and is super tasty with some smoked paprika and a little extra salt

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me, to the husband: all I'm saying is, when we have kids, I don't want to give them overtly nerdy names, you know?

the husband: yeah, totally in agreement.

me: if it's a reference that isn't super-obvious, okay, but nothing like, you know --

the husband: no, no, I got you, that's why I want to name our kid Murderbot.

me:, I mean --

the husband: yeah, it's nice because it's gender-neutral.

Not a lot to say over here, spending my time learning the ropes in another project for work, being sat on by cat, listening to Murderbot audiobooks, procrastinating on Xmas shopping

Tutorials that are like "first let's see how you could be wasting your time not using the thing you are trying to learn!" >:(
Or....we could just skip to learning the thing, that could be nice

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time to once again tell the story of the dude in my geometry class in high school who, before each lecture, would take a Pepsi bottle out, uncap it, allow the green anole inside to run up his arm to his shoulder, and put his head down and nap. the anole would just stay on his shoulder the whole time until he woke up and returned it to the bottle. he aced all his tests so the prevailing theory was that the lizard took notes for him

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Real thought of the day "no, actually I don't need to 確認 shit, I know what I'm doing"
This thought is brought to you by "brain doesn't care which language anymore"

It's like 9:40 pm and has been dark for quite a while, what do these wigeons need to talk about now?

I have successfully survived "husband woke me up at 5 to go on a biking trip and I also have to work on a Saturday" day, and can start my "no work tomorrow and can gently guilt trip husband about the 5 am bit above to angle for a backrub or something" Saturday night.

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