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Ok, I must share this with all. Behold: what happened when our pet hotel decided to take commemorative snapshots of our cat’s stay

Cat eye contact 

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We got a round cardboard cat scratching thing, because cat was really into the one at the cat friendly minshuku. The good news is the cat likes it! The bad (?) news is he hasn't scratched it yet. He just sits on it like it is his little special cat platform. Which it can be. And is.

Recent very very part time job is good practice for ignoring work requests I'm nowhere near paid for. You want me, working two days a week with no prospects of that ever changing, to manage the intern you chose to recruit but are actually too busy to direct? Lolololol suuuuure I'll get right on that

This morning Dusky Thrush aka mister tsugumi was on his special wall

We picked the one night to stay on the coast with our cat and it happens to move us as close as possible to the epicenter of the earthquake ~*right next to the ocean*~ but everyone was OK, we were on higher ground and didn't have to move, and no tsunami. Now we can wait to see if there's another shoe that will drop. Augh! Zzz... Please remember to check your evacuation route when you get close to the ocean and especially when you stay/live there

Keep checking for Dusky Thrush to show up on its special wall, but no appearances yet today. Also debating whether or not to do the jogging today or tomorrow. It *is* nice weather today...

Fed local chickens some greens, jogged around, gave older fellow directions to a park, took a nap. Good day

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Food, non-veg 


Dusky Thrush was hopping around in lawn outside having a bit of a kerfuffle with a nearby Brown-headed Thrush. Wonder what thrushy drama is playing out? I always see them together at the nearby park. Maybe territorial? One of them just tired of looking at the other's face? Poker night dispute?

A cat has needs, and those needs are: lie on top of sleeping person A while being petted
by person B

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Celebrate your accomplishments even if they don't feel big. It's still an accomplishment and it should be celebrated. You did good!

Ooooh, I'd like to watch Groundhog Day again sometime soon

I was so worried this morning that some Unknown Sketchy Phone Number was calling me on Facetime, and it ended up dad's cell phone #, aka, the least threatening thing it could have been


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"Hi, I'm a very tiny time traveler from the far future. My very tiny coworkers and I have a proposal for you."

"What if we transferred all of your brain functions, memories and personality to one of our extremely tiny computers, then hollowed out the inside of your skull and used it as office space? Would you be open to that?"

"Okay, got it. Now say -- hypothetically -- we already did this two weeks ago. On a scale of 1 to 10, how angry would you be?"


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