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Ok, I must share this with all. Behold: what happened when our pet hotel decided to take commemorative snapshots of our cat’s stay


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Alexander Siddig and Andrew Robinson, the actors who play Dr. Bashir and Garak, have started a Youtube show where they read DS9 fan-fiction scripts.

++ Cat has begun to snore.
Seriously, cat snores make everything even better

+ Cat is smug and cozy sitting in his special nest
+ I am making progress on The Odin Project
+ It is rainy but not humid

Frogs give rainy weather a very good review of a zillion ribbits out of ribbit

I found a good nearby park for the daily walk! Pretty, large, not too much traffic, right distance away for the length of walk I’m doing. Good things come to those who venture out of their normal loop

A high school friend held a two person half marathon with I think his dad. They had their own official tshirts and everything!

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Estou disposto a conversar em português com qualquer um que quiser alguém pra praticar

I'm willing to talk in Portuguese to anyone who wants to practice their Portuguese

I will absolutely *not* shame anyone


Husband sleeping with cat on couch. Cat just started snoring.

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hey ik a lot of people don't just intuitively know how to write image descriptions and alt texts so here's a resource! if anyone has any other resources re: image description and accessibility in tech feel free to add!

Is it the same thing? In JavaScript

= not what you think it means, go back and look over like chapter 1 again

== getting warmer but it’s not for reals, for keeps equals, as there are take backsies

=== OK, this is really what you wanted! In conclusion just lean on the = key for half an hour

Thanks cat, just what I need as I was about to turn over on my side: a hot fuzzy cat flopped on top of me licking my legs

It's not exactly even, though, so am hoping husband will be willing to do cleanup sometime

I gave myself an undercut today and my conclusions are: I should’ve done this a zillion years ago, and I wouldn’t mind if the undercut eventually took over my whole head

There are so many whiny teenage crows everywhere caterwauling for food. Constant caw-whining

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food, cooking 

food (vegetarian) 

The house we lived in before had a full chorus of peeper frogs in the surrounding rice paddies, and I kinda miss them. We do have a couple sporadic croakers around here that have something to say today

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