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Ok, I must share this with all. Behold: what happened when our pet hotel decided to take commemorative snapshots of our cat’s stay

On today’s run saw that pheasant that doesn’t like to fly off! Last time he sunk down into the brush to hide, and this time he chose walking away slowly. Possibly getting too cocky and thinks the outside is ruled by pheasants now?


Today’s run! The cherry trees are getting more and more into the idea of maybe reaching full bloom

Today’s run. I realized there are several pine trees with wooden props hanging out in people’s gardens (at least I think they’re pines)

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Kitty was very excited by whatever sparrow chirping festival was going on outside our window this morning! It's possible the sparrows are interested in the cherry blossoms, or maybe there were bugs hanging out in the area?

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Fun fact of the day: Japanese deer like to shriek at each other in high pitched bloodcurdling child screams. I’ve heard it has to do with mating?
I’d always dimly assumed maybe US deer shriek too, but I never noticed it? However recently I checked with both internet and mom (the two main fact-checking apparatuses) and it turns out they don’t.
Do your deer shriek? Please let me know.

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Got husband Japanese translation of Murderbot Diaries series for his birthday! Hope he loves it as much as I do

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Announcing The National
Emergency Library

The Internet Archive has temporarily suspended all waitlists, allowing you to immediately check out any of the 1.4 million books currently in our lending library. Until June 30th or the end of the US national emergency (whichever comes later), every borrowable book will be immediately accessible by anyone—creating, in effect, a National Emergency Library.


We’re setting up a family book club! Something nice and reassuring about that

After staring a thousand different eye daggers at me for daring to move a muscle in the past 30 minutes, cat has embedded himself in blanket and wrapped his tail around his face. Guess I’m supposed to sleep in this position tonight/until the end of time.

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Can hear cat shuffing cat sand out of his litter box and onto the floor on his quest to cover up his mess by doing the exact opposite of what covering actually means

Got new running shoes! Will try them out tomorrow

The cat has achieved the most perfectly round ball and is surely having the most satisfying sleep. Probably not making it to our bed tonight...

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