Never skip your morning coffee, people... I learned that lesson the hard way.

The day when you are for once excited about the menu of your cafeteria only to find out they changed it just before you came in.

I know I'm not in the majority with this, but 30°C is just too damn warm.

There are countries, after whose elections, you know who won.

Then ther's the EU -> Liveblog-Time

My friends adviced me to use a dating app. Well, that sounds easy for a shy person like me. Let the profile speak for itself before engaging in social acitivties...


You need pictures of yourself?
Dang it...

*drives through the rain*
Hey, let me just play my playlist with happy songs to lighten the mood
*shuffle chooses a song about how nice rainy weather is*
Gawd damnit...

How to give fellow law students the biggest shock of their life:

Come to University with your work jacket in signal colours your wear on your side job in construction.
The terror in their eyes was priceless.

*puts on the chicken dance and waits for people to start dancing*

There's nothing like colorfull socks to brighten up ones day.

Well, let's see if blended up cashew nuts in water can replace cream effectively

So I am sore today. Does that make me a soaring individual?

On to another round of classes from 10-20.
Yaaaaay :blob_dizzy_face:

*yawn* Wow, 23:19 already... I should go to sleep sooner rather than later.

"That webcomic sure was nice, you should continue reading it."

Shush Brain, no on asked for your opinion.

"How about one more level Katamari Damacy"

Dang it Brain, sleep is vital and healthy and all!

"Hm, you should study a little don't you think?"

How many times- wait WHAT? Stop it right now or I'll put you back into your jar again!

"Yeesh, okay okay, fine..."

*opens up a webcomic*

...Wait, what?

*sits in a class about any law-related subject and listens to the professor*

"To pass this class, I highly recommend buying and studying with the book I wrote on the subject."
*sits in a class about internet security for law students and listens to the professor*

"Oh, you want books to study for this? Well, just read this sci-fi novel, it's pretty accurate."

Faith in humanity restored.

I'm finally going too. Hope I can collect all the pieces back later.

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