Oh gosh, those galaxy compression gloves are gorgeous


It cost 0$ to RT a Black disabled queer small business! It could lead to my next sale.

I sell pins, compression items (gloves, hip brace, wrist brace, socks, knee sleeves, etc), ita bags, plant pots, jewelry and so much more!

Store details below!


@lyncia I am not the shopkeeper, I just boosted it. I don't know anything about compression gloves.

@Rowyn either way those pins

would be incredibly helpful for me

Compression gloves are used for some medical-ish purposes, if I remember correctly.
I myself use then when I need to relax my hands. Sometimes when playing the harp I can't relax my hands enough, then I use them. Though as far as I know that is not really their main use-case. @Rowyn

@Rowyn just ordered a couple of the pins from that shop, and now i wait semi-patiently for the arrival lol

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