"So sorry to bother you, but I've lost my room key and the other registration desk isn't staffed."

12 minutes on jar, 5 each on the other two scribbly ones, and like 3 hours on the dragon.

Digital, in ArtRage

Of those 3 hours, about 45 minutes were spent trying to get the perspective grid in ArtRage to align with the photo ref. I ended up with a mixture of using it and phoning it in. x.x If there is an easy way to set up the perspective grid, I do not know what it is.

For this prompt, I was torn between the jar and the lobby for the long study.

I decided to do the lobby because it's been a while since I did Spite Architecture.

So many regrets.

Me, spending most of an hour just trying to get the perspective grid set up: "I COULD HAVE BEEN PAINTING THAT LOVELY JAR."

Also me: "You could edit Demon's Alliance."
Me: "... no, that's okay, I'm sure I can get this painting started eventually."

@Rowyn Worth it for the dragon. ^.^ I like the delicate airy feel of the hall too. Jar is quite nice!

@Tuftears Tempted to paint the jar again and spend more time on it. The reflections are fun to paint!

@Rowyn But you're not addicted or anything, you can put that paint brush down anytime, right? ^.^

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