I'd planned to do a collage of all the long studies I'd done for when I hit a month.

I'm at 29 days, but 30 studies because I did two on June 14th. And my layout turned out to fit the 30 pretty well, so I figured I'd just post it.

CuratorPrompts44-71, plus 1 & 2.

Subject matter!

Landscapes: 12
People: 4
Animals: 2
Spite Architecture: 8
Close-ups: 4

For pics that fit multiple categories, I picked the one I spent the most time on. So the building in the bottom middle is Spite Architecture even though the landscape dominates the image.

Subject matter for pictures I ended up liking:

Landscapes: 6 (50%)
People: 1 (25%)
Animals: 0
Spite Architecture: 3 (37.5%)
Closeups: 2 (50%)

Liking the photo reference for the picture is neither necessary nor sufficient. But in most cases, I only like my painting if I also liked the photo.

There were several photos that I liked but don't like my paintings -- pretty much all landscapes.

I have a strong preference for Dramatic Lighting. There were a few references that didn't have dramatic lighting but I liked them and/or my painting of them. But of my four Very Favorites, three had strong or interesting lighting effects.

I'm enjoying doing the Curator Prompts and plan to continue. I can't tell yet if I'm getting any better. The range of subjects is diverse and the amount of time I devote to the longer studies is variable. But perhaps in time I will notice a difference.

The thing where I don't like my pictures of animals or people has emerged as surprising and troubling. Those are the subjects I care about and the ones I've spent the most time drawing, over the course of my life.

I'm pretty sure I don't like my animals/people *because* I care about those subjects most.

I don't think my ability to render Spite Architecture is objectively better. I think I care less when I mess up architecture, so the flaws don't bother me.

But like most humans, I am more inclined to do something when I enjoy the results of doing it in the short-term.

So my inclination will be "paint landscapes and architecture that have dramatic lighting." If I want to get better at people, I'll need to make a conscious effort.

@Rowyn That seems pretty reasonable a conclusion, but maybe you could approach it like you do other goals, breaking it down into much smaller, more manageable pieces-- like, 'watch a bellydancing video and draw stick figures while trying to capture a sense of motion' (not literally stick figures, but just shapes, 'gestural drawings')

@Rowyn Or 'just focus on eyes', and do a range of eyes in different expressions, moods, styles, etc. I figure trying to draw entire humans accurately is a *huge* project, we're so attuned to recognition of our own kind, we underestimate how many different pieces go into them.

@Rowyn Soooo much stuff! I'm kinda jealous! And really good progress, too!

@MalteHollmann Thanks! I haven't started today's yet and am trying to scrounge up some energy. o_o

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