For USA folks with an adjusted gross income under 72,000:

Federal law requires tax prep software companies offer FREE tax prep software to you, REGARDLESS OF HOW COMPLEX YOUR TAXES ARE.

(Not open for 2022 yet 'cause early, but soon.) but the IRS can't do your taxes for you because capitalism and lobbying

@abloo @Rowyn Those softwares have a free option but deductions like student loans or Affordable Care Act aren't available unless you pay for the premium service.

@abloo AYUP.

American income taxes are terrible by design, and always will be.

@abloo @Rowyn
Here in Germany they do them for you. If you are an unmarried employee. But you need to be educated enough and know this and have enough time to get tax returns.

@Rowyn also you have to be very careful that you're using the legally mandated free version, because at least turbo and probably others have products that mimic it until you get a little complicated and then it's like "aww. :( your taxes are too compwicated for the fwee vewsion, pwease pay us 70 dowwars."

@robotcarsley @Rowyn so far every free service I've used has emailed me the next year being like "we're not doing it for free anymore but you should totally still pay us to file your taxes"

So yeah, make sure you're using the actually free ones :/

@RadiantEmber @robotcarsley I got the link to the IRS page from an article about how much work the tax prep companies go to in order to conceal the Actual Free Filing software, and to convince anyone just dong a web search for it that free filing software isn't available for their specific circumstances. x_x

@Rowyn @RadiantEmber @robotcarsley yet another opportunity to be grateful that the only thing I have to do to fill my taxes is to click "accept" under this form on the official Chilean IRS website:

@matias93 @Rowyn @robotcarsley there's so many better ways to do it than what the US does!

@RadiantEmber @matias93 @Rowyn we would have something very similar to this if the tax prep lobbyists hadn't killed it. The compromise is the mess described upthread, just so these companies can siphon off some money

@RadiantEmber @Rowyn @robotcarsley I can even choose between using the Form 29 monthly, or the Form 22 once a year in April

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