Yay they bought my book!

Seriously, my friends are not obliged to do any of:

* buy my books
* read my books
* tell me they read my books
* enjoy my books
* review my books

If they do any of those: great! If not: also good!

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If you know a friend bought your book and read your book, but then never posts a review or reaches out to say they finished it, what do you do?

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I really only want people to buy/read/review my work if they *actually* enjoy it. Not 'because friends are obligated to do so.'

Please do not read my books because you think you HAVE TO or I won't like you anymore. You do not have to. It's fine.

LB: So much this! As always @Rowyn knows just how to put it.

Like I would like my books to be read and enjoyed. It doesn't have to be by my friends. It is not in any way a prerequisite for being my friend.

And anyway friends often like different things. I'm not going to blame someone for deciding my books aren't their thing! :)

Also fluttering over your friends when they read your stuff seems like a recipe for embarassment. 😅

Do my best not to force people to lie to my face, you know? Or insult my books to my face. Neither are appealing.

@vicorva@social.scribblers.club I've been in the unfortunate position of not enjoying reading a friend's writing and the only good part is that they didn't ask what I thought. Awkward~

@wsteria @vicorva It happens. Even authors I love will write the occasional book I hate. I don't expect people I know personally to do better at suiting my tastes, >_>

@Rowyn@wandering.shop @vicorva@social.scribblers.club Gosh yes. And the implication 'if I'm just a good writer everyone will love my stuff' is such a horrible internal standard to set for yourself.

@wsteria @Rowyn @vicorva
That kinda reminds me of the people who say "whoever doesn't like [famous classic] is just too stupid to understand it".

People like different things; there is no one universal good/bad scale for book quality.

@anke @wsteria @vicorva oh noooooo

I have a masters in English lit and I genuinely love some classics, but noooooooo.

Disliking a specific book is not a hallmark of intelligence or lack thereof. >_<

@vicorva I know right? Books are a matter of personal taste and I don't expect my friends to have exactly my tastes. That would be extremely weird. o_o

I don't even expect my friends to like reading books, for that matter!


Yes, exactly this.

If a meatspace friend buys one of my books, reads said book, and we are still friends afterwards? That's winning, right there.

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