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I want the poets and all artists to address the general audience again: Stop addressing the like-minded true believers, cut out the partisan politics, stop thinking that the only people you can speak to are those who agree with you already. (Salon interview 4/7/2005)

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In many ways, I try to do this. I write sympathetic characters who are religious and sympathetic ones who aren't. Good people who think the power of gov't needs to be sharply curtailed, and good people who think gov't needs to do more.

But you know, it breaks down at the edges. If a person believes that it's wrong to be queer, or act queer, they won't like my books.

If a reader hates Christianity, they're not gonna like Silver Scales or Golden Coils. If they hate religion in general, they won't be happy with most of my books.


As an author, you can make an effort to be open-minded and inclusive, and it's worth doing. But there will always be a swathe of people that you're not writing for. That you can't write for. You can't please everyone at the same time.

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