I listen to the Wall Street Journal's podcast, "The Journal", and they did a series on Facebook's internal research a few weeks ago. One of the episodes is about how they changed the algorithm to increase ~engagement~. And how this also increased misinformation, trolling, and flamewars.

Because nothing is more ~engaging~ than flamewars.

One of the steps FB's internal researchers recommended to cut down on misinformation was to remove the re-share button. (They didn't, of course, because ~engagement~.)

But it reminded me of how I went through almost every person that I follow on Twitter and turned of RTs in an effort to make Twitter more usable for me.

Twitter is still hard to use for me.

Really glad I found some friends who are active in the fediverse. 💖


@anthracite I'm surprised that I've never had an issue with boosts on fediverse! I think it does help that fediverse has no "let's promote ~engagement~" algorithm to shove "popular" stuff in front of folks.

But I suspect it also helps that fediverse is just much smaller. I don't know that it'd scale up if it had hundreds of millions of regular users. Maybe?

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