Looking for players for a new romance-themed PBEM RPG that I want to run. Details in the blog-post! rowyn.dreamwidth.org/649280.ht

I don't really mind being unproductive, but it would be nice to at least enjoy slacking.

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"You are not working from home; you are at your home during a crisis trying to work."

I've heard this twice today. I think it's an important distinction worth emphasising.

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I wrote over a thousand words today. For the SECOND day in a ROW! Just as if writing fiction was something I actually do!

I wrote a thousand words and finished most of a scene today, and I am ridiculously proud of this minor accomplishment because writing anything at all has been super hard lately.

For those who would rather spend $2.99 than sign up for a newsletter (understandable tbh), THE MORTAL PRINCE AND THE MOON ETHERIUM is now on Amazon! amazon.com/dp/B086H1418J/ref=s

New novelette, free to subscribers to my newsletter!


Eclipse needs a miracle to accept the role his parents assigned him: that of a princess.

But the fey lands are strange and perilous, and the fey have their own ideas about what kind of miracle Eclipse needs.

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metal YouTube is getting strange, covid-19 

Because @B and @anke were talking about bullet journals yesterday, I have induced myself to update my (virtual) bullet journal with this week's stuff.


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Covid-19, low-wage workers 

Working from home and other life stuff (includes mention of changes due to existence of COVID-19): rowyn.dreamwidth.org/648613.ht

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good morning everybody, today my friend from finland informed me that the state media is telling people to become a furry and start making fursuits to deal with social isolation


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"So, that's the problem. The problem is, we do have people who are buying a month's worth of groceries, as opposed to a week's
worth of groceries.

And we ask people just to remain calm. Buy what you need for this week for a week-and-a-half. Take care of yourself. And that will allow us to catch up, allow us to get the supply chain restocked, get product back on stores." © Greg Ferrara, President, National Grocers Association.


Blog post about my staycation, with a lot of observations about the effects of anti-COVID-19 measures. rowyn.dreamwidth.org/648202.ht

I will fuss with this some more still, but it's rapidly reaching the "Huh, I thought this was going to come out better" stage.

I should fuss with her hair some more, and with the buttons on the coat. But other than that, about ready to move her into color.

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