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I am addicted to the written word. I publish fantasy books under the pen name L. Rowyn, most of them queer and/or romance and/or polyamorous.

I do some sketching and digital painting, but with much less dedication.

Sometimes I play games; my favorites are story-telling or repetitive puzzle games.

My toots lack any theme or strategy. It's just whatever's on my mind when I decide to post.

Today will not be a stellar writing day, in part because it's almost 3PM and I am just now sitting down to write.


The time has come for AMBITIOUS GOALS

(300 words)

Took the last two days off from these to focus on writing, but it was nice to do some painting again today. 37 min for right, others 5 min each.

Digital in ArtRage

I made it to 3000 words today! Not as impressive as yesterday's total, but entirely respectable. 😊

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Lunch break was long but now I am back at the keyboard


of writing 300 more words

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Been trying to get some more writing done today, but without being as noisy about it as yesterday. 😂 Up to 1500 words now, but I think it is time for a lunch break.

Me: "Because I hate editing?"
Also me: "Counterpoint: loving BDSM threesome."
Me: "..."
Me: "I have no rebuttal for this."

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Me, working out what to write next: "So this book is near the end. I just need to decide if I want to write a loving, BDSM-esque threesome before I get to the final scenes."
Also me: "What a silly question. OBVIOUSLY I want to write loving, BDSM-esque threesome. When have I not wanted to write that."
Me: "Okay, but does this romance really need another sex scene? It's already got three or four. We're not writing erotica here."
Also me: "Why not write it now and cut it later if necessary?"

I wrote the above a little while ago but forgot to post, whoops. I have since gotten to 5144 for today and now it is time for sleeps. Good night all!

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Me: "okay just need a few more words to get to 4000 today"
Me: *writes a few more words, checks word count again*
Word count: *just shy of 4500 for today*
Me: "wait what"

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Dinner break was almost two hours, whoa. Time. Such a thing.

But I have returned to the word mines now, in search of more words!

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I should eat dinner soon, but first

something else maybe


write 300 words

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I discovered that there were youtube exercise videos for just stretching, so I've tried two different ones centered on doing leg splits.

Both were genuinely exhausting, idk, feels like I might as well do aerobics at that point. o_o

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Got another 400 words. Time for a break. Gonna do some stretching and then take a shower.

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3000 words so far today

doin' good

think I should write


300 words

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I am up to 2200 words, so ... *maths* ... 300 words seven times, then.

bet there's another 300 words around here somewhere.

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oh short break got long, partly because I had to refill pill trays.

But back to the word mines! I bet there's another 300 words in their somewhere.

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We interrupt this blather about word counts for an important breaking news update:

Achieved again!

and also a third time today that I didn't bother marking.

Will take a short break to give my cat lunch and make a Coke float.

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