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possibly unwanted fact check 

Eye contact 

So for gender balance, I should do some angsty female leads who hurt each other --

-- oh wait I kinda did that in The Moon Etherium.

Well, I could do angsty enby leads who hurt --

-- oh yeah, did that in The Sun Etherium.

Apparently it's more "leads who inadvertently hurt each other, usually male but w/e."

I am once again writing an entire novel's worth of backstory about the two male leads in this book.

"Angsty male leads who inadvertently hurt each other" is one of the major themes of my work. 👀

I want to do some writing today. Not because I feel like writing, or because there's anything I want to have written, mind you. But because it's the last full day of "Love Week" in , and I want to finish most if not all of the festival quests before it ends.

I've done very little writing for this festival so far, and almost all of it was blog posts because meh, fiction. I don't have any ideas for blog posts or even blathering at myself today, so I'll try for Alien Peacelord notes.

It's SO WARM out today! We even have a few Celsius degrees!

This is nice even though I seldom go outside, because only two rooms in my house are well-insulated (the den and the bathroom, which both have interior walls on three sides.)

And this means that for the first time in weeks, it's not cold at Pretend Coffee Shop!

So I've turned the thermostat up a little (so it can achieve "actually warm") and acquired a drink from Pretend Barista.


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Novel Talk, In-Story Food, Religious and Cultural Representation- Resourse Request 

Today's is season 30, episode 2.

The backdrop canvas in Bob's actual painting for this episode (season 30 ep 2) is WILD.

I could not figure out how to mimic it in ArtRage and went for "mottled and vaguely organic" instead.

Today's is from season 30, episode 11.

Bob closed the little gap between the trees in the foreground and the mountains in the background, but I rather liked the misty base of the mountains and the sense of water bending around an outcrop of land.

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Can't believe this article came out two years ago and they're STILL DOING IT.

Shared that link with someone who was still waiting for their second stimulus check and who wanted to file taxes but was waiting for a parent to loan the use of their tax software because they had student loans and therefore "didn't qualify" for free filing.

I decided to try Bob-Ross-style, but not following along with a video. I picked an image from Pixabay to use for inspiration and then tried to figure out how to illustrate using what I'd picked up from watching Bob Ross.

The power company in my area is doing rolling blackouts, and asked customers to turn off unnecessary devices. So I turned off the air purifiers. I'm working from home using a thin client laptop that makes no noise.

When the blower on the furnace isn't running, it is eerily quiet in here. o_o

My cat still doesn't want pets but she has come to sit against my legs, so that's pretty good.

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Like okay somebody please do better than this, I'm not funny and this is probably going to end up in some educational slide-deck but you get the idea now lol

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