where are the 3X games

look I just want to explore/expand/exploit, exterminate is so tedious

I actually finished two editing points on Angel's Sigil!

Mostly because I looked at the text and decided these particular two would be much easier to do than I'd thought. πŸ˜‚ Still, progress.

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Good thread on the finances behind indie games.

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Okay. Hold up. I need to say something.

This assumes something that drives me nuts. The idea that all games are made for YOU. They aren't.

30* (corrected math) games a day for upwards of 25 million concurrent customers on steam alone seems fine to me. twitter.com/spiderwebsoft/stat

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/HatsProductions/st

I guess now that Pretend Barista has fixed my drink and I am seated at Pretend Coffee Shop, I should do some writing or editing or something, though.


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I have to say, there is something satisfying about plopping in a giant chocolate ball and stirring vs opening a packet of hot cocoa.

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I stirred for a little bit more after I stopped recording, but not much. It melts much faster than I'd expect for its size.

I used a little more milk this time -about 11 ounces, but it's still Very Strong. I made an unsatisfying cup of hot cocoa last night and it's a good contrast, though. XD

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I successfully recorded it! Let's see if it uploads.

There's no sound to speak of on the video, just milk pouring and stirring. Video is hot chocolate bomb melting in milk.

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It's Wednesday! I don't work today! And my zoom class is over so I don't have to put on real clothes for another 2 hours (when I take Lut to the oncology clinic).

That means it is time for Hot Chocolate Bomb!

Let's see if I can remember to not only set my phone camera to video this time, but also to start recording!

(The actual worst part will be wearing this headset all day. It gets uncomfortable after like an hour. D: )

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I have a training class online all day today and tomorrow, and I can't believe that I have to wear Real Clothes for two *entire days*. Actual clothing! So unnatural.

Me: This has been a productive day. I am satisfied.
Also Me: The only thing you made today is two chocolate bombs. And you already consumed one of them.


Honestly surprised that I am sitting here thinking "I should do that again, but better" instead of "why did I spend an hour on this?"

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I am very fond of this sketch app and the only reason I don't use it more often is that I've been drawing horses lately. πŸ˜‚

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If you haven't tried my sketch app yet, you can check it out at AdorkaStock.com/sketch

It rotates my poses with various options & tags!

There's a web and mobile version so it should work well on most devices. Sign up for a free account to track goals and make a favorites list!

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/AdorkaStock/status


Fun fact: I was gonna video the "bomb melting in warm milk" segment of the process. But I forgot the "hit record" part of video-recording. Oops.

I'll try to remember to record it when I make the next one.

Which will be a few days. That was A LOT of chocolate.

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Whoops, broke the thread. Pics here: wandering.shop/@Rowyn/10767389

Lessons learned:

Melt more chocolate. The shells use a LOT of chocolate. Probably 3 ounces per bomb?

Thicken and flatten the edges of the mold and be sure to cover all the gaps inside. Probably squidging it around with fingers is the way to go.

Tempering worked fine, just needed patience.

Pipe in chocolate to seal the edges like the directions said.

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The final test: Will it dissolve in warm milk?

Answer: it does, in fact!

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These came out pretty well for my first attempt, to be honest.


*heats chocolate on low power for a few minutes*

*checks temp*

Oops, already too warm.

*looks up seeding instructions, adds more chocolate*

*by the time it's cooled enough, chips no longer melting into it*

Trying to temper chocolate chips instead of finely-chopped chocolate is *probably* doomed, because the max temp is at the point where chocolate *barely* melts.

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Me: And how important is it that it be tempered anyway?
Also Me: ... these are going to turn out *so badly*.
Me: It'll be my first try! It's going to be bad no matter what I do. You don't want my first try to be using *expensive* chocolate, do you? What a waste!
Also Me: I hate that that actually makes sense.

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Me: The silicon mold I ordered arrived! I could make hot chocolate bombs!
Also Me: You ordered the ingredients from chocosphere.com (thank you Petrov!) and they haven't arrived yet.
Me: I have chocolate chips ....
Also Me: You don't have hot cocoa mix.
Me: I've got cocoa powder! Hot cocoa mix is pretty much just sugar and cocoa powder.
Also Me: You don't have a candy thermometer either
Me: I've got a meat thermometer? It measures temps as low as ~40, probably will work.

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