*joins in @vicorva's and gets her 2 points in for Day 1*

Woohoo, victory!

*spends half an hour searching for partner's missing phone instead*

He never actually uses his phone--he has one purely in case of emergency--so by the time he realizes he doesn't know where it is, it's been two weeks and it's out of power, so there's no "call the phone to locate it." v_v

On the bright side, I did find it!

It was in my laptop bag, from when I brought him home from the hospital a month ago.

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I have packed but it used up all my energy and now I don't want to write. >_>

On the bright side, packed!

I have three hours left before my friend comes to pick me up to take me to the airport. I might just flop here for the whole time.

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I need to pack for my trip but I just want to write A Game to You


I prefer my body furless but I do not enjoy the process of de-furring so I pretty much only do it for special occasions.

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This morning, I shaved my legs for the first time since February


it's been a while.

Shaving your legs for the first time in months takes much longer than shaving when you do it every few days.

*makes a blog post whinging about almost everything she's read or tried to read lately*

Man, I am a tough audience. -_-

Robot: "I need to verify that you're really our customer."
Me: "Welp, I need to verify that you're really my insurer, so guess we're at an impasse here."

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*gets a call from a robot saying it's from my health insurance company*

*robot asks for year of birth*

Me: "Yeah, you gave the name of my actual insurer, so I guess there's a CHANCE you're legit. But I have zero clue why you're calling or what you're calling about on a Saturday morning, so howabout no personal information for you." *hangs up*

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experiencing narratives 

there's this idea of a story being complete and correctly ordered that's not actually real. it's an ideal that doesn't need to be met. something happening before something else may add dimension to it. it may create a specific experience, but you're not missing out by experiencing it another way--you may even like it more by doing it differently than intended

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I got up from my nap an hour and a half ago, and I am still exhausted. Today was A Lot.

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Update medical, positive 

Blood work came back with results similar to Wednesday's and the NP decided Lut didn't need a platelet transfusion! \o/

We went out for burgers to celebrate and now we are home to our pleasantly air-conditioned house, ahhhh.

I'm gonna try to take a nap soon because z_z

So tired.

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Update A/C, medical 

I am much less stressed now that I only have one thing to deal with instead of three, tho.

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Update A/C, medical 

A/C is verified working and the temp even dropped a degree before we left, huzzah!

And we made clinic appt on time! They have drawn blood and we're waiting for results to see if they want to give him platelets.

One of the other people in the treatment area is watching the TV, so that's kind of meh, but maybe one of us will get to leave soon. >_>

I kind of expect we'll be here another 2-3 hours, tho.

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Update A/C 

I was sure the A/C was working and now I'm worried it was psychosomatic because the temperature on the thermostat hasn't dropped yet. o_o;;;

On the other hand, it's only been 20 minutes and there's no vent in the hall with the thermostat, so maybe it's just not had time to circulate through.

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Update, physical health negative 

A/C is working again, yay

Scheduled Lut for clinic appt in 45 minutes. A/C guy has not collected payment yet, so still waiting for him to finish his paperwork so we can do that. I am optimistically assuming that will take under 30 minutes. <_<

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Update, physical health negative 

Okay,diagnostic finished on car, they need to replace a hose that they don't have in stock. They'll call me tomorrow if it comes in. They've giving me my car back (it's a minor issue, car drives fine). So I can go home and see how the AC repair is going and maybe get Trask to the clinic. 🤞

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whining, physical health negative 

I've been here an hour and the dealership still hasn't told me what's wrong with my car, much less when they'll be done with it.

A/C guy is on the way to the house so that's probably good at least.

Clinic called Lut's results from Wednesday were bad so they want him back ASAP for more tests and maybe a platelet transfusion. But I don't know how long A/C or car will take and ARGH.

I told them we'd come in 5 hours and maybe that'll be enough idk

I hate this. 😭

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I don't like adulting, but childing was worse so I guess I'm stuck.

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