We've got a week left, but my KS (for a deck based on fantasy RPGs) has funded! If you love beautiful art, come check it out!

The actual Kickstarter will launch on Tuesday, 6/18, and I'm stoked to finally be making something with so much pretty art (though it isn't a fully illustrated deck yet, it does have 22 or 38 pieces of art, depending on the version you pick, and the other cards have explanatory text on them!).

Woo-hoo! Summer break: When I get back into creative projects and social media 🙂

Why did Odysseus always believe he was about to be questioned about witchcraft and heresy? 

Shop, a question: I’m trying to decide how best to gather beta/backer feedback on a small project. I feel like a forum is too out of date, but that’s what I’m used to. Would using a Slack for that make sense, to discuss multiple ideas and suggestions in their own threads? Or a google doc with comments turned on? Hmmm...

1k words on the , in this case the section on managing your world building with tables in my solo , ALONe. And now a break, before I try to put together the backer update...

@Rockwood AND it saves the configuration of apps when you tab out to other windows or views! Neat! :-)

Hoooly crap, I’ve just discovered that the modern iPad I now have (unlike my iPad2, which I finally ditched a couple weeks ago) supports split-screen multitasking. Woohoo! Now I can have one tab open to read from while I type notes on reorganizing it in the other tab!
That totally makes this new device a much more useful tool, rather than just a portable TV that supports the Hulu app...
How did I not know about this???!/1?

The goal for today’s is to try and finish one more section of ALONe before I show the current draft to backers. After that... editing, organizing, and probably adding more stuff I haven’t thought of yet!

Anybody else write content, and find that what started off as a sensible organization scheme quickly becomes insane and requires complete reordering?

Between yesterday and today I managed ~2300 words on one current , and I just received word that my test-print for another secret project (involving my first foray into tarot-sized cards) has shipped! Excellent... now, the question is: Can I focus enough on any one of these or the thousand other projects to get something FINISHED? :-P

*Pops head back in* I see I haven't been here since November... well, I'm still trying to move off of FB, so perhaps I'll post things here instead....

Currently working on a conversation-generating system for my GMA cards, and then onward to finishing up the ALONe solo game engine, which has been in beta for years. Progress!

7:40: the bell is three minutes late.

8-ish: announcement that two busses are disabled and not being replaced today, so those students just won’t be here.

9-ish: it’s up to five busses, and also two areas of the building are “under fire watch.”

This is an exciting first day back!

Starting the year off right, with the school bells running late!

And so begins the last day of classes before break! I’m betting... 30-40% attendance!

TGIF! Except I pulled into school and received a winter weather alert... for midnight Friday to 4pm Saturday :-p

Achievement Get: My GMA cards in a brick and mortar store... and next to an oD&d box set, no less :-)

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