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He's had some issues with over-grooming in the past, which is why his belly looks a little sparse. It's a lot better than it was before though

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The Void may be made of darkness, but he does enjoy the sunlight

Post-meeting sock update. The pattern for this section is just a 2x2 rib with the knit and the purl inverted every now and then. The instep will be more complicated when I get to it

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Weekly team meeting at work this morning means extra time for . The current sock is a nice easy pattern that I can do without paying much attention

Of course now that I've moved out here, he's ignoring me entirely

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Had to relocate from my home office to the living room because the cat decided he was lonely and kept trying to break in. He's not allowed in the office because it's also my crafting room

I've been knocking around here for a while, but given the influx of new and returning folks it can't hurt to do an

I am middle-aged and British and increasingly left-wing. I work as a programmer, primarily using COBOL, which I love with a passion it probably doesn't deserve.

I knit and I crochet and I sew (both embroidery and dressmaking). I write SFF stories, in theory, though that's been difficult in the past couple of years.

I don't often say a lot, but I do try to listen

Finished making this dragon yesterday. Took a while to find a stable pose with the weight of the huge wings

Just got this back from the framers and hung it on the wall. The pattern is by @yomimono

Finished my first proper single. It looks more even than it actually is because I got a lot better at drafting consistently halfway through the process

More practice . It's a little uneven still, but starting to feel like a skill that's achievable with practice

Having a go at learning to spin, because apparently all the cool kids are these days. Using some leftover fibre from a needle felting project for a low-stakes intro, I've managed this short and rather uneven single

I... may have bought myself a drop spindle and some stuff to spin...

Finished making this pair of socks at long last. I love how they look, but cabling is slow

I made socks! They've come out pretty nicely, all things considered...

I mean it's amazing that my story has been published, not that my story is amazing. Although maybe you'll think it is?

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