@vapaad Yeah, I figure my ability to spin yarn and knit socks will be way more useful than any weapon come the apocalypse

Bare chest, tattoo 

@ByTylerHayes I very much enjoy how it says HO HO, like the molecule itself is happy :D

@wobin It's gorgeous. My only issue with it was that it's a single ply, so it constantly gets twisted up while using it

@fiberarts Finally finished this pair of socks. I really love the colour and the way the diagonal ribbing looks on the instep

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@lj @valhalla @maru @fiberarts Yep! And really easy to put down at any point in the round for those times when the cat gets into something he shouldn't or the husband hands me a plate of dinner :D

@lj @valhalla @maru @fiberarts Here's a pic of one of mine on the circular, to give an idea of it. It can't replace DPNs altogether because it's no good when things get narrow at the toes but I love it the rest of the time. DPNs always feel a bit like wrestling a hedgehog to me

@lj @valhalla @maru @fiberarts The 25cm circular is short enough not to need the magic loop. It's just perfectly sock-sized :D

@valhalla @lj @maru @fiberarts I use 5 needles at the toes, but the rest of the time I use a 25cm circular needle which I love because it makes the whole process super smooth

@nalohopkinson This has reminded me of Rocks and Trees by The Arrogant Worms, which celebrates Canada having 'rocks and trees and trees and rocks... and water'

Took a trip to Ikea to get some shelves to fill an otherwise dead space in my office/craft room. So now I have somewhere that isn't my desk to put Lego and plushies

@maru @fiberarts You'll be knitting super fancy patterns before you know it! :D

@maru @fiberarts It's such a good book, packed with different patterns to try

@Fishercat Thanks! It was a pain to knit but I love the finished effect

First toe-up sock completed with first ever bind-off. The hexagonal texture on the leg is why I chose this pattern for this yarn, because the honeycomb was too perfect. Now I just need to make a second one to match. @fiberarts

Spent a couple of hours swearing at my work computer before finally figuring out the issue was that I was one folder too high in the structure, so although it would show me all the necessary files it refused to recognise they were there to run them properly. Never had issues like this on the mainframe

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