Gah. Just snapped the end right off my circular needle :(

Dropped several stitches in the process as well, but I hope I can still salvage that

Replacement needle is ordered. Considered going for a metal one to avoid snapping it in the future, but it turns out the short circular I use doesn't go thin enough in the metal version. Took the opportunity to also get a couple of other things I'd been considering for a while, including a teeny crochet hook which should now be helpful for rescuing the dropped stitches

In the meantime, the toe-up sock now also gets to be the work sock

The needles arrived, and the teeny crochet hook was aces for rescuing the dropped stitches, so the blue sock is now saved. Just need to knit it off the broken needle and onto the new one

@RexMagenta SYMPATHIES!!!

All of them!! Breaking needles always sucks. Dropped stitches... well, resting before trying again has sometimes worked wonders for me.

@OldBrushNewPaper Yeah, I'm not touching the dropped stitches tonight, beyond having stopped them from dropping any further. Might leave it alone till the replacement needle arrives

@RexMagenta If there's a safe place for it to "rest" without interference, all to the good, eh?

@RexMagenta safety first! as a beginning #socker, i would love to see a picture though! (:

@maru There should be some earlier pictures of the same sock in my post history

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