Weekly team meeting at work this morning means extra time for . The current sock is a nice easy pattern that I can do without paying much attention

Post-meeting sock update. The pattern for this section is just a 2x2 rib with the knit and the purl inverted every now and then. The instep will be more complicated when I get to it


Despite having Monday off for the bank holiday, have been making good progress the work sock. Just finished the heel turn and ready to pick everything up for the gusset @fiberarts

Not quite as much progress as I was hoping for this week, thanks to the needle breakage, but it's past the gusset decreases and into the main part of the foot. The instep continues the 2x2 rib, but rather than inverting it uses pairs of increases and decreases to make the ribs flow diagonally across the foot. The other sock will have them going in the opposite direction @fiberarts

@fiberarts The sock foot is finally long enough, so transferring to DPNs for the toe decreases

@fiberarts Finally finished this pair of socks. I really love the colour and the way the diagonal ribbing looks on the instep

@RexMagenta @fiberarts socks are my 'palate cleanser' between larger projects. :) nice work!

@lj Socks are the only thing I knit at the moment, for a number of reasons. Including that I just love having toasty warm feet :D

@lj Isn't it? It's a hand-painted blend by Araucania Yarns

@RexMagenta I love the colours in that yarn and how it knits up

@wobin It's gorgeous. My only issue with it was that it's a single ply, so it constantly gets twisted up while using it

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