First challenge of a toe-up sock successfully cleared. Not a huge fan of how fiddly it is to get started, but now I'm done with the increases it should be plain sailing for a while

Challenge 2 of the toe-up sock complete: gusset increases and a short-row heel. Never made a short-row heel before but I quite like it @fiberarts

@RexMagenta yeah, it's fiddly, but when i learned this method, i never really looked back.

@Jinx_HH I dunno. It's nice to have a wider range of patterns available but I don't think it's going to stop me making top-down socks as well

@RexMagenta sure, i do so as well (if the pattern calls for it), but rather scarceliy ;)

@RexMagenta Yeah, always fiddly to start. The Turkish CO is somewhat less fiddly to work than Judy's, though. Just my opinion, of course 😉

@LaVisch I'll maybe look into that as an option for future socks, but regardless of the cast on I think I'm going to find it fiddly for the first few rows, until there's enough sock to get some space between the needles. Maybe if I worked magic loop it would be easier

@RexMagenta Oh, absolutely! Those first few rounds are always fiddly 😆

@MmedeBeauvoir Right? One of those yarns I just had to buy as soon as I saw it

@MmedeBeauvoir I normally go more for blues and purples, but something about this one just spoke to me

@RexMagenta Sock knitting never fails to amaze me. Also this colour is fabulous.

@dani I know what you mean. There's so much shaping involved it seems like it should be much more complicated than it actually is to make a sock

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