Finished making this dragon yesterday. Took a while to find a stable pose with the weight of the huge wings

@RexMagenta ... and I promise I'm not stalking you. Your cat toots were on the local timeline and the amazing dragon was retooted by a friend >.>


@melindrea Haha, no worries. The dragon is so epic it deserves all the attention it's been getting :D

@RexMagenta It really is! I need to get back to my latest crochet project, but I realised after doing 700+ single crochets that I, in fact, had miscounted. So have to redo the entire edge >.<

As you can imagine, I'm currently trying to get energy to Just Do It.

@melindrea Oof, yeah, I know that feeling. I have so many half-finished projects that went wrong somewhere

@RexMagenta I *really* need to just Do It, because it's a fairly special one (the last shawl I'll ever be able to make in my favourite yarn >.<), but ...

The yarn is amazing, btw. It's lace weight alpaca/silk blend, so light as spiderweb while still warm and quite sturdy

@RexMagenta It really is.

this is an old shawl in the same material, but different pattern and colours

@RexMagenta And ... figured out part of the problem. Somewhere around there I accidentally added some extra chain spaces, so I have 118 chain spaces on side 1 and 115 on side 2.

At this point I have counted the chain spaces and adjusted to make sure I have the right amount of single crochet (the amount across the entire edge needs to be evenly divisible by 16)

@RexMagenta I will never understand why they decided to discontinue the yarn ... I've found thicker alpaca/silk, lace pure alpaca and several mohair-silk (IE fuzzy!) but I want the thinness and sleekness of the original, especially sine it is a lot sturdier than pure alpaca.

@melindrea I'm still sad that a particular dyer decided to discontinue their fraternal sock yarn sets before I could buy more of them

@RexMagenta They should think of the crafters!

I ended up getting somewhat lucky in finding a place that had a few least popular colours left, so I got 100g/800m turquoise and 150g/1200m "light camel" (rose beige is what I'd call it)

Not the best representation, but it shows off both the pattern and the colours (ish)

@melindrea That turquoise is gorgeous. One of my current sock projects is a blue that I really love

@RexMagenta that's an amazing blue! I've never gotten into knitting, but sometimes I wonder if I should, since socks are the worst to crochet >.>

@melindrea I avoided knitting for a long time because I struggled with the tension, but I found it easier after years of crochet. Though sometimes I still find myself wishing for a little hook on the end of the needles :D

@RexMagenta That hook is very useful. And also the whole *not* "I lost two years of work because I dropped the needle" <.<

@melindrea Circular knitting needles tend to save the whole dropping issue

@RexMagenta i should see about checking some out at some point, then. Since in particular, as i said: socks.

Or are socks really hard to knit too?

@melindrea Some of it depends on how fancy you get with the pattern, of course, but in my experience they're pretty simple to knit. It's basically just a tube with a bend in the middle and closed at one end, so the only fiddly part is doing the heel

@RexMagenta You've crocheted (or tried to) socks? In particular to figure out if it actually *is* easier with knitting or not <.<

And yay! I finished the starting row and am now *almost* done with the first row of the lace. 720 sc, and now every 4th of them gets a [dc, ch-3, dc] ....

@melindrea I've never tried to crochet socks, I'm afraid. What causes the difficulty, do you think?

@RexMagenta Thinking about it, I just realised it's not so much difficulty, as the difference in fabrics.

Crochet is a bunch of holes, and very rarely does one want holey socks, y'know? =)

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